What Is NSF Certification And Why Is It So Important?

NSF is the short form or abbreviation of the National Sanitation Foundation. It is a non-profit and independent organization working to ensure public health and safety. It is founded in 1944 and working since then to make sure that the foods and hundreds of products out there in the market meet the proper standards, health rules, and safety regulations.

In this article, we are going to know about what is NSF certification, why does it matter, what are the benefits of it and how to get NSF certified. Keep reading.

What Is NSF Certification?

Be it water, food, health products, and any other produce, NSF works to set the standards and guidelines to evaluate the quality of the products.

If the products align with the strict standards set by the NSF, the products receive NSF certification and NSF certification mark on the product level to indicate that those products are safe to use or consume. Check the list of products and systems that NSF certifies.

To get the certification by NSF, any food or product must meet the requirements of NSF/ANSI 2.

ANSI works as a regulatory agent for organizations that work for establishing and maintaining the standards along with monitoring and certification.

For this reason, the standards set by NSF is very strict and rigid. From the very design of the product to the materials, fabrication, and performance - every aspect of a product is scrutinized delicately.

The NSF certifications mean that the products are not just tested, they comply with the standards of the FDA and USDA.

The manufacturing process is always in constant monitoring so that the quality does not degrade. If any sign of the degradation of the quality is found, NSF can cancel the certification and holds the power of taking action against the manufacturers.

The Importance of NSF Certification: Why Does NSF Certification Matter So Much?

NSF certification adds value to a product by ensuring the quality and right standard.

The impact it comes with is very significant. For example, if you use the kind of lighting that NSF certifies to be good for keeping your food safe and fresh, it protects the health of the customers and increases the reputation of your shop or restaurant to a great extent.

For any kind of business, the violation of food safety and health code is not desirable.

So, to ensure that the products you are selling are good for health and to establish the reputation of your business, NSF certification is very helpful.

According to an estimation by the CDC 48 million people of the USA suffer from foodborne illness every year and 3,000 of them die. If the hygiene standards are out of date and not proper, the risk of foodborne illness increases.

That’s why investing in products, though it might seem costly, can save lives and extra cost of medicine. Though non-NSF products are cheap, there is a risk of physical health and other damage associated with these.

On this ground, the benefits of NSF-certified products certainly outweigh the ones that come without NSF certification and NSF certification mark.

How to Get the NSF Certification: The Steps of NSF Certification Process 

When a manufacturer wants to get certified by NSF, he is supposed to go under a process. Getting the certification is not so easy and that’s why many dare not apply for it.

However, if you want to get NSF certified for the benefits it provides, here are the steps that you need to pass to get NSF certification:

  • Application for the NSF certification: At first, you have to apply to the NSF authority to certify your products by testing with their standards. Once NSF receives the application, they would set their time for product testing.
  • Product Test: This is the second step for getting certified by NSF. The test is conducted by NSF Draft Standard 75 method. NSF will test to assure that a product does not promote the rapid growth of harmful bacteria. pH measurement, water activity and, other tests are also done if required.
  • Plant Audit: All the production facilities and procedures are thoroughly tested in this stage. It is done every year to ensure the quality and standard of the products. The active ingredients are tested to see if those are in any way harmful to public safety.
  • Awarding with the Certification: If the NSF sees that the product you are manufacturing has met all the requirements and standards set by the authority. You will be allowed to use the NSF mark on the product level upon confirmation of the certification.

The Benefits of NSF Certification: Why Should You Sell or Buy NSF Certified Products? 

You might ask what NSF certification has to offer you. Well, along with ensuring better safety and hygiene, NSF certification is a win-win for both the sellers and the buyers of the products.

The sellers get certified for producing high-quality products with tested standards and the buyers feel satisfied and safe using the products.

Let’s see some of the benefits of NSF certification for both the sellers and buyers of products, foods and, water:

Recognition: The manufacturers enjoy worldwide acceptance and recognition for having an NSF mark in their products. They are also listed in the ‘trusted list’ of public health officials.

Confirmation of Safety: By dine of the NSF mark, both the manufacturers and the consumers can stay relaxed about safety when it comes to preserving the products at room temperature.

It also certifies that the raw materials used for the products are FDA approved and no harmful chemicals are used during production. Products marked by NSF are safe for the consumers when it comes to foodborne illness and other diseases.

No Need for Repeated Tests: If the NSF mark is put on a product, it means that the product does not require any more testing in other states. It thus saves cost and effort.

Better Growth of Business: The NSF mark itself promotes business growth as a marketing tool.

It is because, when a buyer sees the NSF mark on the packaging of a certain product, he gets more interested and tries to buy the product even if that seems a bit costly compared to other products not marked by NSF.

Thus, manufacturers enjoy a great advantage if they have NSF certification.

Final Words

NSF certification stands for trust, authenticity, and purity. We hope that you now know what is NSF certification with its benefits, importance and how to get it from this post.

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