Types of Kitchen Sinks – What You Need to Know?

When we decided to move our office into a new build apartment, considered many crucial facts and kitchen facilities were one of them. To ensure that, listed some of the essential elements according to our comfort.

On that list kitchen sink positioned top, because Chef Richard (our office chef) was too choosy regarding that as well as our budget focused on long-term investment. For that reason, had to analyze about types of kitchen sinks, materials in order to get a good grip, in selecting the desired sink.

Through the analysis of those key points, we became succeeded to meet the budget and chef, then, decided to share how we choose the best kitchen sink with a guideline so that you could select the right one for your kitchen.

Kinds of Kitchen Sinks

We focused the entire research on, popular kitchen sink types pros and cons and sink materials pros and cons, in order to get a precise idea within short-time. Therefore, this part will share the gist of considerations we took during analysis.

Apron Kitchen Sink

We also know this sort of kitchen sink as Farmhouse kitchen sink which has much more space than a top mount or undermount kitchen sink. For that reason, it serves easy washing facilities with long-lasting support. However, the installation process of that sink is tough for heavyweight materials such as cast iron, fire clay iron. As a result, plumber takes a high amount charge for that.

We found this sink much better than the earlier one because the installation process is so easy that, anyone can install it by watching YouTube! Moreover, it serves enough cleaning space with low maintenance. But, one thing all should remember, all countertop does not support this sink. Apart from that, it's okay.

Another kitchen sink we considered during research for its durability, easy installation process, reasonable price and low maintenance cost. But had to remove that from buying list because of limited options, such as durability of the sink depends on thickness, less color variation, abrasive cleaners can damage the sink. And that’s why to eliminate it from the list.

Bar Sink

A cute Pony horse for your kitchen had found, while we were searching for a secondary sink. This sink is very effective for light work and assists to reduce extra pressure at the time of rush. But, it is not perfect for major work unless your family member is small.

Corner Kitchen Sink

Though we bought this first for it’s space-saving, three to four people altogether working space on a countertop, later, kept it on the pending list. For, tough maintenance, lighting issues and challenging dishwashing.

While we were comparing between granite composite sink vs. stainless sink, granite sink seemed better than stainless sink to us, for its durability and noise reduction option. The reason behind sustainability and noise cancellation is resin filler & crushed granite. Nevertheless, had to think twice for tough installation process because it contains heavyweight granite.

Cast Iron Kitchen Sink

And this sink melted our heart at first glance for having fantastic color combination and percaline layer. Along with the easy cleaning, long-lasting materials, and quick maintenance facilities, it gained enough fan. But complicated undermount installation and fixed cleaning method restrain us to keep it in the pending list.

Kitchen Island Type Sinks

Similar to bar sink but comes in extra space for the user. To know more about the extra feature, we discovered that, it fits with every countertop perfectly but the drawback is costly installation. That’s why kept bar sink finally as the second one.

Drainboard Kitchen Sink

Well, nothing much it has, except a drainboard which will keep dry countertop or cabinet, by draining water from the dish that rolls from them. The reason behind keeping it in our list was to keep dry the countertop. Apart from extra space taking, it’s good to install.

Fireclay Kitchen Sink

If clays and glaze blend together, burns in 1600 degree (F) then it must be something amazing. Yes, we are talking about fireclay kitchen sink which is more durable than cast iron also has the best endurance of anything. For that reason, it takes a costly installation procedure. In fact, Richard preferred while we were checking this one.

Something big where you can easily wash a whole lamb leg piece without breaking it down as well as, all the tough washing works become easier. But, it is not good for multi-tasking. As a result, we had to eliminate this from the list.

Top Mount Kitchen Sink

The final item we checked before choosing the right one and it was none other than a top mount kitchen sink. These sink features are identical of undermount sink except installation procedure. The main drawback of this sink is critical maintenance, otherwise, its fine. Therefore, we cut it down from the list.

Now, you may have some questions like, which kitchen sinks we choose? And, why we had to research all above those kitchen types rather than one? After reading the whole guideline portion. Alright, we will answer that but before that, want to share some query samples which influenced us to bring different kinds of kitchen sinks. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the average costs to install a kitchen sink?

Which material kitchen sinks last longer?

Which type of sink is easy to clean?

Which kitchen sinks are easy to install?

We divided the reasons into twofold, one is, in future we may need to enhance our branch, as a result, demand of new kitchen sink will increase, that’s why we did the research. Secondly, we did not find any precise and short article that could save our time, from that point of view, decided to make a proper and less time consuming writing so that you could easily grab what you need.

Moreover, tight budget was another concern for us, even its tough to find one within budget. Therefore, tried to enlist budget friendly kitchen sink. So this was the process we conducted before choosing the desired kitchen sink and believe that, if you read the types of kitchen sinks guideline before buying, certainly, the best option you can choose within short-time. Because we have given the ultimate gist inside the article. Shout out loud if the article helps you at least.

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