Common Kitchen Sink Types: Pros And Cons

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Well, let’s look at few common kitchen sink types pros and cons below.

1. Farmhouse Kitchen Sink


  • This sink serves enough space to wash your dish.
  • Easy to clean from various grime.
  • Multi-tasking facilities are there.
  • The sink comes in different types of material for user comfort.
  • It can be trimmed according to user needs.


  • The sink is tough to install.
  • If you don’t have enough budget, then don’t go for this
  • It eats up enough space of countertop

2. Undermount Kitchen Sink


  • The biggest advantage of this sink is easy to clean up.
  • Since it has the power to absorb low rated dirt, takes less cleaning effort.
  • Anyone can install it by watching “how to install undermount kitchen sink “on YouTube.


  • This sink does not suit every countertop.
  • For being sleek, it can damage easily.

3. Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink


  • The durability of stainless kitchen sinks is extensive.
  • Options of this kitchen sink are huge, such as single, corner or double.
  • Comparatively, this sink price is less than other.


  • Sink that is less than eighteen gauges, lives lesser than other.
  • Not that much color options for users.

4. Bar Kitchen Sink


  • This sink is good for small families.
  • It usually best for secondary sink.
  • Easy cleanup and quick maintenance make the sink popular.


  • It only comes in single bowl.
  • This sink cannot handle large pressure.

5. Granite Composite Kitchen Sink


  • The sink is highly durable and can resist stain.
  • The soundproof option made this unique.
  • Aesthetic color combinations made the kitchen sink more attractive.


  • Since it is built with granite, has heavy weight.
  • During installation it needs support to stay strong with countertop.

6. Cast Iron Kitchen Sink


  • This kitchen sink is durable for its porcelain layer and strong material.
  • It can easily be cleaned and maintained.
  • The vintage look of the kitchen sink shows the level of gorgeous.


  • An abrasive cleaner cannot be used due to the enamel layer.
  • Extra caution needs to be taken during installation.


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