How to Replace Undermount Sink – DIY

Well, let us help you get the idea through math! On an average plumber, the cost is $389 and an undermount sink price is $230, therefore the cost becomes almost $619, in aggregate.

Wait, it has not finished yet because there are 127.9 million homeowners in the US, if we assume 10% of that landowners spend earlier said portion of money behind undermount sink replacement a huge amount of US dollar goes inside the plumber pocket.

So, why don’t you learn How to replace undermount sink process to save some money?

It’s not enjoy taking away the work from plumber rather knowing the work of smith, to solve some immediate undermount sink problem. That’s why we designed a “Deet” show to share the ideas of undermount sink replacement whether it’s in the bathroom or in the kitchen. Maybe that is the best thing you are reading on the internet right now!

Within next few minutes you will learn how to save approximately $620 by DIY

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So without further ado let's get started!

How to Replace Undermount Bathroom Sink

how to replace an undermount sink

Replacing an undermount sink in the bathroom is just like a low-key thing and we break that thing into following parts so you can easily end up the journey with a satisfying breath!

Eject All The Draining and Supplying Line:

  • First turn every water supplying valves off by hands or wrench, usually, the “shut down switch” attached under the sink water supplying line.
  • After shutting off the water service, open the faucet for discharging leftover water flows.
  • Now keep a bucket under the sink for storing leftover drips from the loosen vales or pipes.
  • Then, eject the main water pipe, through which, water goes to the supplying valves, with a wrench. These pipes are made of copper and joined with metal parts. Hope you get that?
  • Now it’s time to eject the draining pipe that fitted with a sink already. To remove that, may need wrench cause there are two or more metal rings. Sometimes the pipe and rings are plastic, in that case using hand is a better choice.
  • When you have successfully removed the pipes, keep that in a safe place for future use.
Remember! the parts you have discharged must clean and keep safe.

Removing The Undermount Sink:

If you are done with the earlier process, then we are ready to start a new process, through which one can easily remove the sink.

  • Take a piece of wood for laying over the sink which length must be larger than sink measurement.
  • Next, Use two clamps; one will attach with the wood, and another will be fixed through the end of the sink drain. This way you can secure the countertop and old sink, from the accident.
  • After securing that, take a knife for scraping off the caulk from the sink rim, you can also use caulk remover, in fact, caulk remover saves a lot of time.
  • Then, get beneath the sink, check for the clips or another instrument which still grabbing the sink and remove them respectively.
  • Finally, remove the clamps you already attached for safety along with the sink.
Remember! Use eye protector at the time of working and take appropriate safety caution.

Replacing a New Undermount Sink:

Is everything alright so far? If yes then congratulations! You have perfectly done 70% of tasks, But still 30 % to left.

The least percentage work is "replacing a new sink, for performing the leftover work"

  • You will start the rest of the work by cleanin​g the sinkhole and the new sink with denatured alcohol.
  • Next, use 100% silicon type sealant along the corners of the sink and attach the sink with the hole. For fixing it, in proper measurement use the clamps that earlier mentioned.
  • After fitting the sink with glue, attach the clips so that it holds the whole sink. Using wood blocks under the caulked place makes stronger the caulk even more.

The Final Touch of The New Sink:

In this stage, reconnect all pipes likewise you disconnected earlier and check for the leaks as well. If everything is alright, then congratulation! Finally You have done your bathroom sink replacement successfully.

How to replace a kitchen sink

Next, we will knock to the kitchen owner for sharing how to remove and install undermount sink but before starting the show, want to give a piece of good news about that!

You have already done 80% of that work earlier!! Just need to know a few techniques, hence the techniques are as follows:

  • When you will remove the supply and draining line, make sure to turn off the garbage disposal switch. If there is no switch then shut off the circuit breaker that mainly works for kitchen sink.
  • Next, turn off the dishwasher disposal pipe, you will find that at the basement of the sink and that’s how the rest of 20% work can be done easily.
Remember! always read the manual guide of each instrument before using so that you can solve the technical problem easily.

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Now, while we were architecting this idea for air born, had decided to share some extra tips through following questions in order to sustain your sink longer!

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We hope you have got the idea to save some money from How to replace undermount sink! In fact developed a new skill for solving quick problems on your own. If it so, then let us know through the comment or email. We will really glad to hear from you and don’t forget to share the idea with your friends.

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