Ultimate Solution Of How To Remove Sink Drain And Install A New Sink Strainer

A few days back, our office kitchen sink had gone through a leaky period to solve the problem, called a plumber right off the bat. Then he examined all the possible reasons within a minute, said sink strainer got lost. And started to work on that to bring it back, meanwhile, on that time, Tim ( manager of our team) was observing the whole process for one hour, came to me after paying off the plumber, to share how to remove sink drain and install process.

So that he could get an idea in writing good instructional content, after taking the concept, Tim came up with a stunning article for our blog which seemed us a great solution to every one of you. That’s why, decided to airborne the gizmo covering with super easy solutions, by solving the following questions.

How to remove the sink drain pipe?

Before removing the sink drain, you need to detach the sink draining pipe first. To know the process of pulling out. This following guide may help you.

  • First, you need to loosen joiner/nuts that attached with strainer because this Metal or PVC covered nuts creates the bridge with draining pipe to drain water. Loosening is important. Now, to lax that joiner, use a hand with a towel to get enough grip, if it still hard, use a wrench.

  • Second, place a bucket under the sink and swing aside pipes and joiner for enough space to work.

How to remove sink strainer?

Well, Kitchen sink strainer types depend on a place to place for instance, some user has the only locknut, maybe some other use locknut with screw or Bell washer. The reason behind illustrating sink strainer types is to get better clasp in upcoming instruction. So the guidelines are:

  • If your stink strainer is threaded whole under the sink then certainly the locknut needs to be freed with a wrench.

  • On the other hand, if you notice 3 to 4 screws at the end of locknuts then remove all screws first, hand on locknut afterward.

  • After removing all the nuts slowly lift the basket form the sink.
Note: you can use WD40 spray to loosen up too much tight screw. In some case, it can save a good amount of time.

How to install sink strainer

Earlier two phases have shown a clear cut way to master sink strainer removal process and this final portion will help you to install a sink strainer. So why are we keeping you in wait? Let’s jump in:

  • Afore installing a new sink strainer, must clear the previous history from kitchen hole, if it possible, clear underneath too.

  • Then uncover the new sink and detach all material from the strainer.

  • While you have finished the precious process then open the plumber putty, take half from that and roll on countertop till the putty becomes long, to tie around the sink strainer.

  • After making the thin, long putty, its time to fix it around the strainer.

  • Now put down the strainer inside the hole by pushing harder.

  • Next, you probably have some materials, such as paper and rubber gasket as well as a lower half with the new sink strainer, right?

  • Fix those underneath the sink strainer leftover portion with hand then use a wrench to tighten.

  • Finally, reconnect the nut which you detached at the very beginning, check the sink by opening water faucet for leakage. We hope everything is fine now.

Yes, as we said, it is super easy and fun to do, what do you think? Wait, we will take the answer but before that, want to share some cleaning tips from the plumber left before farewell to Tim, for keeping the new sink fit.

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Top 4 kitchens sink cleaning tips

  • Since our kitchen sink surface is made of Corian, he advised us to use baking soda for removing stains.

  • Also said to use bleaching powder and salt mixed warm water to free the sink from the germ.

  • Next suggestion was to use vinegar to clean lime spot from the sink, put some vinegar on towel paper and wipe up the whole sink.

  • To keep the sink clogged free he advised pouring warm water into the sink.

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Still, Tim checks the kitchen sink on a regular basis to monitor, how is going after applying above those tips? Cause, he is planning to make a how-to video, for applying his close observation and let others know how more easily they can remove sink strainer and keep it fit. To take that challenge, decided to research on user intent and brought full bucket questions. From that enquiry, we also have some relevant things that may enlighten this article better than it is. So what’s that, then?

Some questions. Let’s take a look at their possible answers:

Frequently Asked Questions

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Which putty is the best to seal sink strainer?

How much does it cost to replace sink strainer?

At the end of this stage, we are feeling that the payment behind plumber has saved at least a huge amount of dollar as well as generated wonderful content idea also believe; from now on, you can remove and install sink drain by own. If it so, then shout this ultimate solution of how to remove sink drain and install a new sink strainer idea with your friends and family so that we can get back to you soon. Thus, we are wrapping up the show with a big Thanks.

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