How To Measure Undermount Kitchen Sink (100% Accurately DIY)

I f you are preparing for installing an undermount kitchen sink by own, then, must need to prepare before that. To get yourself ready for setting up an undermount kitchen sink, have to ensure accurate measurement. With the measurement, you can pursue the forthcoming step, on which, installing the right kitchen sink, lies.

Adequate prep can save a huge amount of money, and time - Stanley Vaughan(professional expert plumber)

In addition, to install a right sized kitchen sink, we have designed how to measure undermount kitchen sink technique on our next sections, where we will guide you step by step in order to serve a better measurement result. So let us jump in right off the bat.

Tools you need for measurement

At the beginning of the process, collect these following things:

  • Measurement tape
  • Pen/Color pencil
  • Paper

Area Measurement

Area measurement means, gauging the area, where you want to install the sink. To do that here we have architecture following steps:


In the first step, you will learn how to take length measurement for the sink. For that, stand in front of the countertop and select the desired place of installing a sink. Then, keep the measurement tape's end side, at the edge of the desired place and stretch it toward other side edges. See how many inches are showing, write it down in a paper. Like “L= x”

The second step will discuss the width measurement. To gauge that you need not move at all rather can do from the standing place. Therefore the process is to place the tape on the front edge of the countertop and stretch it toward faucet back. See how many inches are showing. Mark the place and write it down to the paper. Like “W =Y”

The third stage will show you how to take lip/rim measurements. Now, what is the meaning of that measurement? Ok, there is a room within kitchen countertop and kitchen sink edge and this room are called lip/rim. Usually, this space is not over one inch. Also, remember that the evaluation must be equal with all four corners.


Next step is about measuring height. To test that, get under the countertop and see where the water draining line is, then keep your tape edge side on drainage line and stretch it to faucet line. See how much inch the height is, for example, H=“XY” mark the place with color pencil and write it on the paper.

Undermount Kitchen Sink Measurement

Earlier stage ensured a proper measurement about installation space and we are sure that, you have architecture enough space for your kitchen. Now, the next stage will guide to measure undermount kitchen sink. From that measurement result, you will able to create a bridge between the place and sink. Therefore, let’s jump on it:


First, take the tape and keep it at the edge of the rim then stretch it other edges of the sink rim. See, what is the measurement you got? Write it down in the paper.

Again, take the tape and place it in front of your sink edge then stretch it toward the back of the sink. Check the measurement result. Write it down.

Now, you will check the height from top to bottom, with your tape and write it down on paper.

Well, you may wonder, why we instruct to measure two different areas, right? There is a firm reason behind this,  when you know the difference between two-measurement ratio after applying mathematical terms, will understand how much portion have to cut during installation. As a result, you can save space from unwanted cutting.

However, during the application of above-said measurement techniques, remember some important tips and tricks which will easy the measurement process as well as serve an accurate direction For ensuring the accurate sign, just follow the next tips and tricks

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Tips and tricks for measurement

  • Use different types of color pencil or marker to mark the area you measured.
  • If it is possible to draw a demo after completing the measurement, it will help you assume a proper measurement.
  • Take a flexible measurement tape so that you can easily measure some critical area for a better understanding.
  • While you will mark the place where undermount sink will be installed, just keep ½ inch extra space or more. This will help you to install the sink properly.
  • Keep enough space for the faucet.

Just remember the basic things before measurement. And let me give you a suggestion, before you going to install your undermount sink you should know Which Type of Kitchen Sink Is Right for You? Otherwise you may lose a few hundred dollars by choosing a wrong type of kitchen sink which is not compatible for your kitchen.

Don't forget to right back into here because we have still few important things to discuss. And next, we will move onto the question-answer session where you will know some interesting information about undermount kitchen sink. Surely, the following Q/A session will help you a lot.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the standard size of undermount kitchen sink?

Is it essential to take lip/rim measurement?

How much should be an ideal faucet space?

If you have any additional questions please don't hesitate to let us know, our experts will be happy to help you with that. Ok Now if you can apply this undermount kitchen sink measure technique according to our guideline, we can assure you that, without losing any space and time, you can easily be able to install undermount kitchen sink like a pro.

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