How to Install Undermount Sink

Last year after Christmas vacation, I and my wife planned to install a new undermount sink in our kitchen but could not find any smith for that and at wit end for running out of time, meanwhile.

So we solved how to install undermount sink puzzle, without a smith. In searching for a decent walkthrough for solving the mighty riddle, had revealed few ideas that saved our money along with further toil after implanting that concepts in real life. Then we traded that ideas to you for saving your time behind smiths.

How to Install Undermount Kitchen Sinks?

OK, to execute the first idea, here we are portraying some steps through that you can cakewalk the kitchen hassle. So the steps are:

Step 1. Preparation:

You need to gather these following instrument to launch the installation:

  • Drill with a drill bit
  • Screwdriver and measurement tape
  • Ape and caulk
  • Caulk gun and gloves
  • Alcohol which is denatured
  • Safety glass and saw
  • Pencil and a board

Step 2. Measure The Place:

Next step is to measure the countertop to determine the sink installation spot, to measure that: use a template board and don’t forget to keep enough space beneath the countertop in the meantime measuring. After that mark the measured spot with Tape.

Step 3. Cut The Hole For Sink:

In this step, use the saw to cut the hole for the sink but before that: decide what sort of “Reveal” you need. For instance – a negative reveal means smaller from the template board whereas positive reveal shows larger than template again zero reveal means the equal measurement of template – and this is how you can use the countertop.

Step 4. Glue The Sink With Countertop:

Before putting the countertop in, make sure the sink is glued with that, to kick off the fixing process first clean the sink and the area to install, with denatured type alcohol. Next place the sink by flipping it opposite on the countertop’s downside so you can draw measurement with a pencil for pouring the caulk. Then, pour the caulk by using caulk gun along the edge of measurement drew earlier and fix the sink through the screw and clips with the countertop. Remember that, the edge of the clip will overlap sink sill.

Step 5. Finishing:

Performing all aforesaid guideline, it’s time to clear all the leftover caulk from the countertop and attach a faucet along with draining component. Boom!! You are done.

How To Install Undermound Sink to Wood?

After executing the first idea, we motivated to fix another sink to our upstairs kitchen but faced a new challenge regarding countertop as it was made with plywood, to conquer the dispute, started to observe the need of that wood and figured out the obstacle with some plastic blocks and brackets. The wood installation process is like the earlier described process, except for some slight issues. Now, what are those issues? Well, the plywood has single thickness even most of the woods are, as a result, the capability of grabbing a sink becomes tougher.

To assist the plywood to clasp the sink, use plastic blocks and brackets with your screw in the meantime preparing the holes and it will help the sink to stay longer and durable for upcoming times. Next issue is related with countertop over which the sink will be attached, as the sink fixed with the countertop, it needs to be strong as well as lucrative, to get that firm wood we will recommend you to go for:

  • Walnut wood
  • Oakwood
  • Wenge wood
  • Maple wood
  • Brazilian cherry wood

These woods supported great to our previous experience.

How to Install Undermount Sink to Granite?

Executing the wood challenge was easier than this Granite under mounting test, what about undermount sinks for granite countertops, in other word it’s tough to drill for having hardness because granite consists of feldspar and quartz. To win the test my wife Laurel found some working techniques. So the techniques are – Sink clips and sink rails, each of the techniques we implanted to our sons’ new house and really worked nicely. Here are the approaches as follows:

Sink clips approach:
Although most of the sink manufacturer provides clips with their product for granite you will need extra care, to assure that, buy at least 8 stainless nuts, bolt, and clips, then drill all around the sink installing edge and put the bolts in, tighten the clips with appropriate instrument afterward. See if this works with you.

Sink rail approach:
Another strong way to keep the sink firm is to use extremely heavy iron with groove.

For implementing the technique, take two heavy-duty iron with four grooves each, then attach that through galvanizing so that it fits along the edge of the cabinet frame, place the sink afterward and tighten the groove by putting in some screws.

That’s how you can under mount the sink, still, we don’t recommend this to do by own unless you are professional because granites are expensive.

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Overcoming all the above challenges was not easier for us because each idea taught a different skill at that time, to absorb the competence, had to solve many critical to silly questions.
Yet we believe to share some of our beginning inquiry with you and they are:

Frequently Asked Questions

What caulking to use for the kitchen sink?

What are the perfect gauges for undermount sink?

What reveals are good?

Throughout the "How to install undermount sink idea" structuring reason was to assist the user community in the absence of professional smith. If the idea helps you at least let us know as well as we are eagerly waiting for learning: what idea you like most?

From your valuable response we could write a more about real-life adventure for you.

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