How to Install a Faucet? Step By Step Guide

Are you facing with water leakage issues now and then? Or else, the faucet is simply backdated that you are using for many days? Whatever the reason is, the only solution you need is to replace or install a new one, right?

We are going to lead you through the system of installing a new faucet. For instance, you don't need to be an expert to install! However, you need some basic idea about plumbing.

As it is a type of DIY (do it yourself) project, so we want to let you know that you can install it by yourself. All you need to do is read the entire article to learn about how to install a faucet.

Tools that required:

At first, collect some basic tools which you might need throughout the working season, these are:

  • A new kitchen faucet (with manual)
  • Screwdriver
  • Adjustable wrench
  • Bucket
  • Flashlight (optional)
  • Rags or towels
  • Cleaner
  • Teflon tape

Give a Close Look at the System

You need to take a note of your recent setup before buying the new faucet. It is necessary to see how many holes it has (one and four is usually common). Move forward to underneath the sink to see correctly. Generally, a single-hole faucet can be fitted in a four, and also three-hole sink by attaching a deck plate, but not vice versa.

Step by Step Guide of Installation:

Now, be ready to move on to the installation process of a faucet. We have provided the step by step guide for your convenience:


Step-1: Clean the Surface

For work purposes, it is obligatory to remove each and everything under your sink. Also, you have to make sure to keep a towel or rag close to you for preventing water drips.


Step-2: Turn Off the Water Switch

It is time to switch off the water supply lines of the faucet. See, there will be a valve for hot water and cold water under the kitchen sink.

Now, turn the faucet ‘on’ to see the water is coming or not. For relieving water pressure, you have to keep 'on' the faucet for a few minutes.


Step-3: Unhook the Water Supply

After waiting for a couple of minutes, you have to turn off the tape. Then, unhook the water supply lines (both hot and cold). On account of this, you need to use a wrench. You need to keep loosing it until they unhook.

Dripping out the least amount of water is totally normal at this time. So, don't be panic! Whatever you have a bucket or rags, keep it handy.


Step-4: Unscrew the Old Faucet

Unscrew the old one with the help of a screwdriver (wrench may be required) from under the sink.

Note: Look, every faucet is not the same. Mostly, you can see a gold ring and you can either loosen it with your hands only. Besides, some connected with hard nut. For instance, you have to give your hands on the wrench again to unscrew it.


Step-5: Pull it out

Simply pull the old faucet through the top and out.


Step-6: Time for Cleaning!

Ready to clean up the dust residue that was hidden under your old kitchen? You can use either a rag or towel for cleaning purposes. It is time to get it clean and clear, so it's a need to put some effort into it.


Step-7: Take the Guide from the Manual

Our recommendation is to grab the manual for installation. It's a basic need, whereas every faucet has come with a different set of directions. Hence, we will run through the general steps.

Fix your new kitchen faucet into the specific hole properly at the top. You can take someone's help to keep the top firm, as you may need to enter underneath the sink.


Step-8: Tighten the Screws

After adjusting the faucet, you have to tighten it with a few screws.


Step-9: Attach the Water Lines

Now, give your hands on the cold and hot water lines to attach with the valves. We prefer to use the wrench to attach firmly.

You can use a Teflon tape to entirely wrap the threaded pipe to ensure the connections remain leakage-free and the seal is tight as well.


Step-10: Check out the Water drop

After finishing the installation process, you can turn on the water supply valves...gradually! Check out the latest faucet by opening the tape to ensure both your cold and hot water are running well.


See, the way of installing a faucet is quite easy, which you can do it by yourself. There is no need to spend a heap of time to install the faucet! You can elevate the appearance of your kitchen by spending a few minutes only!

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