How to Change a Washer in a Kitchen Faucet?

The kitchen faucet is something that we constantly use in our households. From washing your hands to rinsing the plates, this kitchen appliance is always in function. Over time, because of such continual usage, there might require a change of the washer in a kitchen faucet. If you notice continuous water drips sprinkling out of your kitchen, maybe it needs a repair.

To continue your kitchen works seemingly it is a must to know how to change a washer in a kitchen faucet. And if you're a newbie in the kitchen, we don't expect you to know how to do that.

To let you learn this absolutely essential part of the kitchen chore, we'll help you to change your washer in a kitchen faucet if that's distorted or warped.

In this article, we will comprehend the simplest way of changing a washer in your kitchen faucet. This technique has worked wonders for many of our clients. We hope it helps you as well!

Things You May Need

Before describing the procedure of this chore, we'll let you know about the elements that you'll need to do that.

  • Washer.
  • Flat-top screw-driver.
  • Rag.
  • Adjustable wrench.
  • Slip-joint pliers with pad.
  • Philips screwdriver.

Before initiating the task, make sure that you gather the necessary tools altogether. Otherwise, in the middle of the chore searching for something might seem distracting. You will find all the necessary tools in your nearby hardware shop.

As you've gathered them, let's chronicle the procedure step-by-step -

  1. The most basic task is to turn off the water supply valves. You may discover them under your kitchen sink. In cases of bathtubs, you may need to call the plumber to turn off the valves. But in cases of kitchen sinks, that's easier.
  2. Take a look over the fact that what sort of kitchen faucet you have been using. That determines how many holes are available for installing a new one. Even that'll depict the location of the components of your kitchen faucets as well.
  3. For vacating any extra water from the pipes turns on every faucet's handle.
  4. From staving off the tiny particles from going down to the drain close it. Or you can settle a hankie over the drain instead of it.
  5. Lay a towel for placing the removed particles in that. Try to place them in the exact order of how you removed them. That will help you a lot to identify the faucet afterward.
  6. Disrobe the knobs or grips by removing the temperature caps. Instead of that, households have a plastic piece with H or C engraved on them for uncovering the screw. Afterward, remove the screw along with the knob.
  7. After disrobing the handle, you will find a valve system. Put your hands on a wrench for loosening the locking nuts. Pry off the valve system.
  8. When you're down the kitchen sink trying to determine which tools will work well for your chore.
  9. You will need to identify a screw on the stem. Below that is a black washer and below that is the white O-ring. You gotta pry off all of them
  10. To get the appropriate alternate of every particle, take them all together with you to any hardware shop nearby. If you find the task a bit complicated, we suggest you take the subsidy of specialists.
  11. Overspread the valve stem with plumbers’ grease and induct a new O-ring along with a washer. Supplant the screw.
  12. Reinstate the valve system. Mend the knobs and the grips as well.
  13. Turn on the water supply likewise.
  14. Shift the grips towards the hot and cold side a couple of times.
  15. Do not get hasty in turning on the water supply. If you discover no leakage, you've done an incredible job.


If you still find a leakage in the water system of your kitchen faucet, don't be late to call a plumber. Wait! before calling a plumber, let's try to do it yourself. Do you know, how to fix a leaky kitchen faucet? If yes, then Congratulations for one more time. Chill! 


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Final Words

If your age-old faucet has seen better days then it’s time to change. I believe this article will assist you to be easy with your faucet and handle your kitchen fixing issues precisely.

And come on, getting a plumber pinches your pocket, right? In this era of self-dependence why not get your stuff done on your own!

It’s not every day when you need to go through the internet to learn how to change a washer in a kitchen faucet. Go through this detailed article and you’ll manage the kitchen issue within a moment.

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