5 Must Have Hands-Free Touchless Kitchen Appliances During COVID-19

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W e all knows "prevention is better than cure" and when it comes to a virus which cure does not exist, then there is no other option left but prevention! Yes! We have to prevent this together, we have to save ourself, our family and the world!

Currently, we are passing some scary moments for the outbreak of COVID-19. The outbreak of COVID-19 across the world limits our movements. According to WHO, the best way to get rid of the virus is to stay at home.

But just staying home is good enough? Maybe NO! You have be careful to refrain from touching things around us. And it's almost impossible to work in our kitchen without touching things! So that's why we think we should tell our audiences about hands-free kitchen appliances and gadgets.

Use hands-free kitchen appliances and you can remain free of worries. The touchless kitchen appliances ensure that you do not come in contact with them.

Chances rise to survive when you have less contact with everything around you. The hands free kitchen gadgets can play a vital role here.

In this article, we have reviewed some mostly using kitchen appliances considering public health. For your convenience, we have made five categories of the most using appliances and their touchless version that you should use during this crucial moment.  Please check CDC Website for more information about coronavirus and what should we do and does at this moment!

hands free kitchen appliances

5 Must Have Hands-Free Touchless Kitchen Appliances in 2021


Researcher have confirmed that, Covid19 and other viruses and flu can last up to 72 hours in stainless steel and plastics(source), can you imagine how dangerous it is for our health?

Not only coronavirus, but there is also a lot of other viruses and flu that is very harmful for our health, and when it comes to your kitchen, you must consider this! Most of the quality faucets are made of stainless steel, so its not only important but also mandatory to keep our faucet touch-free at this moment.

We have selected 5 best touchless kitchen faucet, that not only keep you and your family safe but also that will take your kitchen to the next level.

touchless kitchen faucet

In our first pick, we have select Moen 7594ESRS Arbor. It also owns a retractable function and easy smooth to operate.

Installation of the faucet is simple and comes with a secure docking feature. The manufacturer provides a lifetime warranty against this product. With a variety of finishing, it can increase the beauty of your kitchen.    

On the other part, when you feel necessity of more durability, you can move for stainless steel faucet like Delta Faucet Essa. You can have several finishing varieties here. With a standard installation, the faucet is usable to sink and the kitchen. The LED indicator changes color with the water temperature change.

Magnetic docking is another feature, and this Delta faucet is a leak-free product. You can fit the faucet to a single-hole or three-hole. Cleaning the faucet is simple

Wonderful finishing is the other feature of the touchless faucets. Moen 5923EWC Align is one of those with a versatile design. It looks impressive, indeed. The single-sensor touchless activation is another advantage that you must deploy at your home and kitchen right now.

At the same time, it is retractable and compliant to ADA. Backed by a lifetime warranty, you can enjoy the faucet for long. The spray power is more because of the Power Clean technology.

Some of the faucets like Kraus KPF-2620SFS Oletto are compliant to all types of sinks. You must care about the durability and easy installation features during this particular period. With a spot-free stainless steel construction, it is gorgeous.

Easy retracting feature is also a plus with its 14-inch hose. The dual-function sprayer makes the spray powerful and effective to clean the utensils. It is a drip-free faucet too.  

Or, if you have to switch between spray modes, Bio Bidet would help you a lot. Available in several attractive finishes, you get an innovative design. Hands free motion sensor is the most attractive feature here. 

The installation of this faucet needs no hard wiring. It operates smoothly with a battery. The retraction is noise-free, and you can multi-task with this product.

2. Touchless kitchen trash can/garbage can

Usually, touchless kitchen trashcans arrive with features like stainless steel construction, power options, battery like, germ prevention, warranty, water-resistant features, touch-free motion sensor, large size, swing-top, among others.  

They can also play a vital role in prevention of COVID-19. You need not to touch the trashcan to dispose the waste materials. In this section, we will check some trashcans having the aforesaid features.

Hands-Free touchless Kitchen Trash Garbage Can

Absorbing odor is the prime feature of most of the trashcans like iTouchless 13 Gallon Stainless Steel Automatic. With the combination of stainless steel, it is a durable service provider.

Interestingly, you get a two-year warranty here with an extra-long battery life. The two power options make the operation simple and it prevents germ spread inside your home.

Holding different types of trashes together is a big deal and Ninestars DZT-50-13 Automatic does it perfectly. Water resistance is another benefit in line with advanced technology. 

With advanced technology, this particular trashcan saves battery life. Pets at home are unable to open it. The touch-free motion sensor also keeps the lid closed all the time.

With a large size, GLAD Extra Capacity Stainless Steel is the best choice for a large family. The capacity is 20-gallon and compatible with any sort of black bag. You also will have odor protection for the solid lid.

Storing extra bag in the rear compartment is the other feature. The hinged frame makes it is easy to remove the trash bag. The open/ close button is also convenient and the motion sensor is also a wonder with this trash can. 

Warranty is an advantage with the trashcans. You can try the Simplehuman that has five-year warranty. Its capacity is 50 liters and made from the best materials with smart engineering.  

The lid locking is another feature that ensures your home is always clean. The lid bumper prevents scratches on the wall. It also arrives with a durable steel pedal that is built to last.

Color options also make the touchless trashcans impressive. The Umbra Venti Swing-Top has a couple of such color selection options. It is durable and comes with a swing-top style. The size is moderate and can hold a large amount of garbage. Durability is the other feature with its stylish décor.

In line with residential use, you can also have this one for your office. Maintenance of the trashcan is not a big deal. The diameter of the trashcan is 14.5 inches and works on different garbage bags.

3. Touchless kitchen/Bathroom soap dispenser

The touchless kitchen soap dispensers have particular features like hand detection, high-speed activation, no dripping, color options, battery-run, high-quality finishing, attractive design, durable construction, motion sensor, easy installation, among others.

If you want to remain free of germs, bacteria and especially COVID-19, you need a complete washing of your hands. Theses touchless soap dispensers are of great help for you. In view of that, we found some products similar to the features above for your attention.

Touchless hands-free Kitchen Bathroom Soap Dispenser

You may need warranty for your touchless soap dispenser. In this case, you can try Simplehuman 13 fl. ozThe manufacturer provides a two-year warranty with the product. The touch-free feature makes it convenient to use a bathroom or kitchen.

Removable caddy makes it easy to store the product. Easy cleaning is the other feature that adds value. Due to the precise sensing, the activation is a high speed and accurate. Most importantly, there is no messy dripping.  

Or if you need to pick something from a wide variety of colors, Secura 17oz can suit you. It runs with battery and arrives with water resistant feature

You will love the attractive design and high-quality finish. The sensor can detect the presence of your hand from over two inches of distance. Also, you have a two-year warranty with this dispenser. 

For those who love a luxurious look inside the bathroom or kitchen, Umbra Otto 8.5ozis there. The design is improved design with a smooth motor functionality. The finishes are available in different colors. With a larger capacity, it can hold 255ml of liquid soaps.

With a non-dripping spout, it is easier to refill. Umbra Otto 8.5oz runs with four AAA batteries.

Some of the touchless soap dispensers are magnificent with a sleek design. The Money2U is one of those and made durable. It is from the combination of stainless steel and ABS plastics. The waterproof feature is the other advantage to make it a must for your use. 

The touchless motion sensor prevents manual approach when you need to clean your hands. Interestingly, it prevents water from splashing.  

In line with the automated soap dispensers, you also may need a manual one. Because they are easy to install and available in colors. The Anself CHUANGDIAN 200ml is one of those.

Made with durable plastic materials, you can use the product for years. Pressing the button for dispense dosage is comfortable. And it holds 200ml of liquid soaps.

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3. Touchless paper towel dispenser

The usual features of touchless paper towel dispensers are they can hold different sizes of towels, cuts chances of contamination, no sharp edge, easy towel loading, less maintenance, compact size, color indicator, among others.

When you use a touchless paper towel dispenser, you need no physical contact. Therefore, chances of COVID-19 infection reduce to a considerable amount. 

We have found some touchless paper towel dispensers. They match with all the feature above. Hope, those would be helpful in your everyday life.

Hands-Free Touchless Paper Towel Dispenser

At times, we have tight space but need a paper towel dispenser. For such cases, Innovia® Automatic Smart Dispenser could be the smart choice. With a silver color, it is a touchless dispenser and convenient. You can roll almost all sizes of towels. This is safe to use as there are no sharp edges.

You have to wave your hand in front of the dispenser. Automatic retraction is the other feature and thus reduces the chances of contamination. The installation of the dispenser is simple.

When you need something innovative and durable, this Pacific Blue Ultra Automated can help you out. It has a five-year warranty. You can open it by 180 degrees to load the towels. Installation with the mounting screws is simple.

This towel dispenser can hold up to 1150-feet paper towel rolls. And it needs less maintenance too. With the motion activation, it comes with hands-free operation.

On the other part, some people love to have a luxurious and hygienic performance from the paper towel dispenser. The Oasis Creations Touchless is the right one for them. Easy access and compact size are the prime features.

The lock design prevents towel wastage and with a high capacity, it is straightforward to refill.

At times, you may run out of space but need a paper towel dispenser for cleanliness. So, what to try? You can check Pacific Blue Ultra 9” Mini Automatic as it is compact in size. he automated process, and less maintenance features make it preferable.  

But what if the traffic in the washroom is large? The usual paper towel holders may not provide optimum performance. Trying Tork Xpress 302028 would be strategic solution.

It’s a compact towel dispenser with a multi-folding towel feature. When you run out of a towel, if the sheets are lower, check the color indicator.

5. Botvac/robot vacuum

The robot vacuum cleaners have ample features including auto navigation, mapping, voice command, compliance with Alexa, automatic trash emptying, several stage cleaning systems, reaching hard-to-reach areas, long battery run time, less noise while operation, among others.

A botvac is an important home appliance in this COVID-19 situation. You do not know if your carpet, furniture or other parts of home contain the potentials of this virus. This is imperative to take precaution. The robot vacuum cleaners can bring relief in your life amid this crisis.

To make the life easy amid this situation, we have selected some botvac which could help you prevent spread of the epidemic.   

robot vacuum botvac

Everyone seeks an effortless cleaning option. In fact, moving across the rooms is hefty, indeed. Using the Neato Robotics D7 Connected Laser Guided Robot Vacuum can cut the hassles. Multi-functionality is another feature. Adding Alexa can reduce the entire efforts in half.    

Intuitive performance makes it more attractive. Cleaning an entire floor is simple. The battery of this robot cleaner lasts up to 120 minutes. With the laser-guided mapping, you get better cleanliness every day.   

What if you are allergic or have pets at home? This another concern in this COVID-19 situation. With iRobot Roomba s9+ (9550) Robot Vacuum, you are free of worries. Adding the device with Alexa makes cleaning easier.

Auto-emptying trashes with three-stage cleaning system makes it smarter. Reaching the deep into the corners is another advantage.  

Or if you are a bit luxurious, prefer color varieties and also want a noise-free operation, try eufy Anker, BoostIQ RoboVac 11S (Slim). In fact, the shape is too compact with strong automatic suction power.  

The anti-scratch glass, infrared sensors, and automatic recharge – all are the prime benefits. You will love the 12-month warranty too.

Alexa compatibility is a smart feature in the present context. The botvac which complies with Alexa can reduce your home cleaning responsibilities. The iRobot Roomba 675 Robot Vacuum-Wi-Fi Connectivity complies with Alexa with a three-stage cleaning system.

Auto-adjust cleaning is another impressive benefit while it can clean hard floors and carpets. Intelligent navigation across the rooms will make you say ‘WOW!’

Sometimes, you may seek multi-function from the botvac. Coredy Robot Vacuum Cleaner has three-in-one feature. With a super thin in shape, the strength of eliminating dirt and dust from the floor of this cleaner is amazing.  

Controlling the cleaner with remote control is simple too. If you need, you can customize the cleaning using the five cleaning modes. The high-capacity battery runs around two hours at a stretch.

Final Words

Remember, we are passing some crucial times across the world. Cleanliness and keeping safe distance with people and daily using stuffs is imperative. Using the hands free kitchen appliances can save us to some extent. With the touchless kitchen appliances, you can have fewer contacts. Finally, you can expect to remain safe from unwanted health issues.

From the brief reviews above, get any of your suitable hands free kitchen gadgets.

Stay safe! stay healthy!

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