Which One Should You Buy Granite Kitchen Sink Vs Stainless Kitchen Sink?

W e have been monitoring the kitchen sink market nearly five years and observing that Stainless kitchen sinks and granite kitchen sinks are popular, this is why, most of the people put themselves in granite kitchen sink vs stainless kitchen sink war, at the time of choosing the right device for their kitchen. To mitigate the war, we have decided to make a thorough article and the writing piece will cover these following things:

  • What is Granite composite sink?
  • What is Stainless steel kitchen sink?
  • Which one should you choose?
  • Composite granite sinks pros and cons
  • Granite composite sink problems after installation and its solution
  • Why composite granite is better than stainless steel?


granite composite sink

The first thing we will discuss is about granite composite sink and it is made with the blend of acrylic resins and granite stone. For this balanced blend, the sink gets ultimate durability and resistance of any scratch, stain, and chip. Moreover, it can endure 536-degree temperature, and this is what granite composite sink. And we recommend to read this article, this is very important to have some knowledge about  the product that you gonna buy, so what you need to know before buying granite composite sink?

What is Stainless steel kitchen sink?

stainless steel kitchen sink

And the second thing is a kind of metal alloy builds with a mix of steel, nickel, chromium, silicon, carbon, and aluminum. As a result, it gets the ultimate sturdy and resistance. Moreover, this type of sink is under budget, has enough capacity and easy to maintain. That’s why people go for it.

Which one should you buy?

The third and most common dilemma people face in choosing granite kitchen sink vs stainless kitchen sink. And here comes the answer for you which is “go for granite kitchen sink” because it will give you beautiful feedback in the end. In a nutshell, the total investment will return soon. To break the statement, we have solely designed pros and cons section below:

Composite granite sink pros and cons:


  • Composite granite sinks have enough heat resistance.
  • It does not fade even colors are stay strong in challenging time.
  • Also has lavish color options.
  • The durability of the product is long term.
  • Different type’s stone has individual look, so the user has a chance to bloom their exclusiveness.
  • User doesn’t need any chemical to clean the kitchen sink.


  • This sort of granite needs extra care for installation.
  • Everyday maintenance is required but the interesting fact is: maintenance of this kitchen sinks are super easy.
  • Slight color and watermarks may lead to long-term spot if it does not clean in a regular base.
  • The price of composite granite sinks are high

Do you know how many types of kitchen sink exist? More than 170 types of kitchen sinks exist on the market! Check how to choose the right type of kitchen sink for your kitchen?  And before buying one of them check the common types of sink's pros and cons.

Granite composite sink problems after installation and its solution

Apart from the earlier thing, user faces some problems after installing the sink, for describing the problems and its solution, this section is created:


  • Acidic or alkaline material can leave a bitter memory on the granite.
  • Long-term hard water spots and food smear may cause a prolonged mark.
  • Abrasive things or sturdy rubbing pad leaves mark on granite fast.

To prevent the problems, we have constructed a solution and these will bear a healthy kitchen sink in the end. Therefore, the solutions are:


  • Apply Ph balanced cleaner to remove acidic or alkaline things from granite.
  • To remove hard water spot or food stain, use the soft scrubber and wash the sink gently with that.
  • Never use abrasive things to your granite sink. use a soft towel and granite friendly ingredient.

And if the things are followed correctly then the granite will shine like brand new.

Why composite granite is better than stainless steel?

To answer the question, we want to write some of the common problems of stainless steel and the problems are:

  • Stainless steel has only one color
  • These sinks catch the scratches easily
  • It shows watermarks after cleaning
  • Creates huge noise
  • Lack of balance
  • Cleaning costs are higher than granite
  • It has no resale value after one or 2 years

On the other hand, composite granites sinks are free from all above those problems, even these are the safest kitchen sink so far. Moreover, low maintenance and individual look motivate to stay fresh. To strong the earlier statements, we have attached a maintenance process in order to show, why should you buy this?

Composite granite sink maintenance: 

As we mentioned earlier over and over that the maintenance of the kitchen sink is easier than other kitchen sinks, but did not thoroughly discuss the procedure. This is why some of the quick and effective maintenance processes are shown below:

  • At the time of cleaning the sink use nylon brush and liquid soap.
  • Then, rub the granite gently, with the process you can easily clean without leaving a mark.
  • After performing that, use a dry cloth to soak leftover water from the sink.
  • Try to avoid abrasive cleaning things; otherwise, it will fade the shine
  • If it possible employ special granite, cleaner or you can apply vinegar too.
  • To sustain the shining apply cooking oil after cleaning.
  • If you do not have enough time to clean then use quick cleaning material.

So, from the earlier explanation, we can say that composite granite sinks are better than a stainless steel sink. Right? Do you want to know more kind of kitchen sink types? Check what you need to know about types of kitchen sinks before buyingNow, what pursued us to mitigate this war? A deep market research and consumer perspective. To understand the two important things we had to measure these few questions answer.

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Our opinion:

Overall, writing a piece is a result of deep research and we hope the war between Granite kitchen sink vs Stainless kitchen sink will be ended up nicely. Alright, we are at the end of our journey, but, before closing the piece we want to place a question for you: Do you think, we have precisely described the topic? Let us know.

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