Why Should We Use A Decorative Cabinet Doors Made Of Glass In The Kitchen?

When it came to kitchen makeovers, introducing intricately carved glass cabinet doors have always been a fairly common choice that didn't require significant upheaval too. They are the obvious alternatives in the places where you intend to improve the aesthetics, albeit in a very refined and subtle way.

All in all, adding a Cabinet Door Glass is indeed a fantastic addition that can completely transform the design of a specific location inside your property, especially the kitchen. There are quite a few ways through which they can enhance the appearance of your kitchen space— Let us see, how.

Create spacious look in your kitchen

Probably the most prominent benefit of adding glass cabinets is that they appear to add more space and dimension, giving an impression of a broader kitchen layout. They will make your room feel spacious, thus helping homeowners manage even a supposedly constrained area remarkably well.

Transparency itself breeds openness. Having glass cabinet doors enables you to put your expensive crockery on exhibit without the fear of it catching dust or slipping through the buttery hands. The admirers can catch a passing glimpse or hail from a distance, keeping your stuff secured and yet open to all. How else it would have been possible except for the unmatched designing prowess of the elegant Cabinet Door Glass.

For those of you who are not in favor of too much display can go with frosted glass options that somewhat obscure the view without hampering the light passage in any way, without compromising on the 'openness' quotient intact.

Brings more color and glamor

When painting the glass cabinets or going with the tinted glass options, it is best to stick with one or two colors max, which gives your kitchen a pleasant and unified look.

During bright summers and springtime, shades of white and beige go exceptionally well with a few sparse greys or pinkish splashes here and there. Come autumn and winters, it's about time to spice up and add warmth to your cabinets with some extra touches of copper and walnut stain scattered inside the glass cupboards and on the worktops. It's better to stick to only a few accent shades irrespective of the season to keep your kitchen looking tidy and bright.

Although clear glass is used in the majority of the settings to pull off a subtle and sophisticated cabinet look, however, if you would like to experiment a little, there are options galore. For instance, the use of stained or tinted glass in bright shades are sure to enhance the glamour quotient of your kitchen area, imparting it a fun retro look.

Different Patterns and styles of glass

Cabinet door glass is available in innumerable styles and designs to give wings to your creativity. Some of the popular styles and patterns include:

Annealed glass: It is the most basic glass type which is processed to reduce the internal stress so that it can be easily cut, polished, and installed.

Decorative laminated glass: Glass composed of two or more layers of glass securely fused with a polymer sheet that prevents it from shattering into a million pieces when broken.

Patterned glass: Glass, whose substrate has been engraved with a texture or design when either in the molten or malleable state.

Frosted glass: A glass whose surface appears to absorb or disperse incident light and gives out the impression of being crystalline or frosted.

Stained glass: Colored fragments of glass merged to form artistic or pictorial designs, usually placed in a lead frame.

Budget-friendly and ease of maintenance

Glass is not a very expensive material to procure, yet the class that the products built from it exude is unparalleled. No wonder Cabinet door glass is quite affordable, and so are the kitchen cupboards constructed from it.

Speaking of maintenance, glass is one material that requires minimalist upkeep. Simple dusting exercise is enough to ward off dirt particles that keep accumulating every day. In the case of hard smudges and stains, you can use vinegar and water solution to clean the glassy surface.

Versatile types available at Fab Glass and Mirror

Fab Glass and Mirror is a one-stop-shop for all your Cabinet door glass requirements. The store showcases the most versatile glass collection to take a pick from.

Textured Glass: Use to obscure the view of cutlery inside cabinets

The textured glass comes in several styles, including the tinted versions. If you intend to obscure the view to your cutlery kept inside the glass cabinet without obstructing the light, this option is for you.

Leaded Glass: Expensive option but adds lines of designs

Lead, also referred to as crystalline glass, is produced by either completely replacing or surpassing the calcium content of typical potash glass; This variety of glass is quite exceptional and expensive too.

Sumiglass: Completely hide the items with amazing shade on the glass and provides shatter resistance

Sumiglass is a type of laminated glass which is widely preferred for constructing kitchen cabinets because of its anti-shatter properties.

V-Grooving Glass: To beautify the look of the cabinet on elegant design on the glass

V-grooving is a type of an engraved glass where a specific pattern is cut into the glass or reflective surface. It is also extensively used to build designer doors in kitchen cabinetry.

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