Delta 9178-AR-DST Leland Kitchen Faucet Review 2021

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Delta is one of the companies that start developing revolutionary faucets. It changes the way of manufacturing kitchen and bathroom products and take it on a completely new level. The Delta 9178-AR-DST is a amazing combination of traditional style and excellent features. After launching the brand Delta research a lot on consumer behavior and now they really know what's a customer actually looking for! And that's why they invented amazing features like MagnaTite Docking, ShieldSpray, Touch2O, and VoiceIQ. Even in KitchenVale, we are using so many Delta products in our kitchen. And guess what? We are using Delta 9178-AR-DST Faucet from 2014!

You may wonder how old this model is? Actually Delta released the standard version of this model in 2012, and end of 2014 they released the Touch2O update of the same model(9178-AR-DST). We replace our standard model with Touch2O in 2015 and from that time this is one of our favorite kitchen faucets.

So today I'm here to share our long time experience with this wonderful kitchen faucet. For doing that I have shared this idea to our team members and experts and asked their opinion on this faucet, also we have analyzed around 200 customer reviews who are using this for a long time. So this review will not just describe the features but I'm here to sharing a lot of real user's experiences, pros, and cons. So let's get started.

Delta 9178-AR-DST Kitchen Faucet Review (2021)





KitchenVale Rating

Let's start with this faucet's mind-blowing features. As I already mentioned this faucet have 2 variations available, Standard and Touch2O. The Standard one comes with MagnaTite Docking, ShieldSpray, and DIAMOND Seal Technology and there is additional hands-free touch feature available on the Touch2O version. With that this model have 2 special features which are Touch-Clean and ADA Compliant. Is that sounds complicated? Let's make it easy to understand.

Delta Faucet Leland Brushed Nickel Kitchen Faucet, Kitchen Faucets with Pull Down...
Delta Faucet Leland Brushed Nickel Kitchen Faucet, Kitchen Faucets with Pull Down...
Delta Faucet Leland Brushed Nickel Kitchen Faucet, Kitchen Faucets with Pull Down...

MagnaTite Docking

Spray Wand Snaps Precisely into Place And Stays There

MagnaTite Docking is a two-in-one spray head with total flexibility. This is for snap the pull-down spray wand accurately into the right spot and holds it there so it stays docked. A really handy feature, the sprayer head snaps right into place every time and stays put. They are not just using this technology, they invented and launched it with this product. 

Shield Spray

Shielding You From Messes

With a press of a button you can active ShieldSpray mode, with the technology your faucet is more versatile than ever. You can clean with an average of 90% less splatter than a normal spray. It's really very effective for removing waste from pots & pans, dishes, silverware, etc. It cleans with laser-like precision while containing dust and splatter.


A Lifetime of Reliable Performance

The DIAMOND Seal Technology ensures leak-free operation for the life of the faucet. All but eliminates leaks with one-piece supply lines and DIAMOND valve. Every necessary accessory included in the box, with the technology it's really easy to install. Also, the faucet looks gorgeous in my kitchen even after 5 years, and works like the first time, as they said this is because of this feature.



Doesn't matter if you have two busy hands or messy fingers, you can always turn it on/off with a simple light touch with your wrist anywhere on the faucet's handle/spout. It’s called Delta Touch2O, with this technology you will experience response control every single time.

Besides that it comes with Touch-Clean Technology spray holes which makes the faucet cleaning really simple and easy! Soft, rubber spray holes, simply swab away! It's fit single and three-hole, 8in configurations. You will have everything necessary components in one convenient box so it's really easy to replace or install. All of our team members agreed in one point "This is a perfect kitchen faucet on the market", no wonders why! Even out of our 200 long time users review we found around 93% who really want to replace their faucet with the same model if they ever need it. 

Final Words

Delta 9178-AR-DST is one of the legendary faucets on Amazon, there are really very few faucets on Amazon that have more than 2,000 5-star rating. Even this is best selling faucet on USA market. We think it deserves that. With its eye-catching design, long-lasting durability, and useful unique features make it really the best. And nobody will deny that Delta is the best faucet brand, this is a trustworthy company so you don't need to be worried about their customer service and supports. If you have this faucet already in your kitchen let us know your thought about it, or if you are planning to replace it now then please bookmark this page and let me know your experience after 2-3 months.

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