Top 5 Best Wall Mount Range Hood Reviews and Buying Guide

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No matter how far our cooking system has come so far from the age-old log-burning cooker, the issue of smoke and grease is still there. Even in the most modern kitchens, you can see the bizarre grease-mark on the ceiling or the cabinets. Not to mention the occasional choking you feel because of the gas being trapped inside the kitchen.

So, what’s the solution? Well, range hood can be of great help to keep your kitchen healthy and tidy. If you are not planning to spend more on the hospital-bills than the kitchen, you should go for the best wall mount range hood.

But where to find the best one? Well, stay tuned till the end of this article to find out some of the most modern range hoods that you can buy today!

Top 5 Best Wall Mount Range Hood 

We found some of the most promising wall-mount range hoods that you can try out immediately. It wasn’t an easy task separating 5 from hundreds. But we took different features and performance into consideration and ended up selecting these 5 pieces. Check these out.

Turn your kitchen into the next-generation cooking space with the Hauslanc Chef Series PS18. It comes in two different sizes - the 30-inch one and the 36-inch one. You can choose according to your kitchen space.

It’s very convenient that the device comes in three variants. You can select the one that provides the best air-flow for your kitchen from the 6-inch round, horizontal (3-1/4X10), or the vertical (3-1/4X10) rectangular one.

The digital display on the top of the hood is a smart addition. You can easily navigate the settings through the touch screen panel and feel the modern technology at your fingertips. As for the construction of this device, the stainless steel profile ensures quite a heavy-duty build-quality for it.

If you feel like the default setting is not sucking enough chemicals from the air, don’t worry. The device has 6-speed settings to choose the suction power and the noise it produces. Simply select the one that suits your kitchen and leave the rest to the machine!

In the case you need additional lighting for your cooker, the hood comes with an LED lighting capacity. You can set the light power and the warmth of it according to your needs. Replacing these bulbs is also pretty easy as the holders offer versatility for a range of common LED bulbs.

Highlighted Features

  • Available in two sizes - 30-inch and 36-inch
  • 6-speed suction settings to regulate
  • LED lamps attached for illumination
  • Easy-to-remove baffle filters for washing
  • Made from pure stainless steel materials

Fotile has been a market leader for many years now. The hi-tech kitchen appliances that they bring in speaks louder for their leadership quality. The JQG7501.E range hood is a prime example of their commitment to excellent quality.

This hood comes with an interesting, unique design. It’s called the side-draft design that bends a bit forward over the cooker. This design has some real advantages, as well. It guides the cooking fumes towards the air inlet so that the fumes do not get spread around the kitchen.

Another perk of having such a unique design is that it can automatically open the baffle filter in a 90-degree position. This allows the device to cover around 6 square feet of space. No smoke or grease is going to escape ever again!

The entire operation of the device is based on a touchscreen. So you can easily set up the required settings just by tapping on the bright display. It has 3-speed settings that you can select from to match your kitchen’s environment.

Hats off to the designers who have managed to control the smell after you have cooked. It uses its delay function to ward off all the cooking smells from around you and gives you a proper fresh environment every time you enter your kitchen.

Highlighted Features

  • Unique side-draft design for sucking more fume in the air inlet
  • With a 58 dB noise level, it reduces noise to a good extent
  • It comes with 3-speed settings
  • Screen lock function for cleaning sessions
  • Separation option for grease and fumes to keep it clean

For those of you who feel comfortable with ducted kitchen hood, here’s your bet! The Zline GL1i-30 range hood is just going to be the perfect choice you can make. The elegant white-color design will add to the beauty of your kitchen in a very soothing manner.

Installing this ducted hood is pretty easy. You don’t need to go through a lot to make it work. The assembling parts are all right there. All you need is to connect the machine to the outside part of it to make it work. 

On the inside, the device comes with 4-speed fan-control system. You can choose the most appropriate speed for different types of cooking. There are physical buttons on the side of the device to easily navigate and switch between the options. Simply press the button to select the accurate fan speed for your cooking. 

The surprising fact is that the device runs very quietly, even though it runs at the highest speed of 400 CFM. It produces a sound of 60 dB at best, allowing you a peaceful environment in your kitchen. 

There is four LED bulb option around the baffle filters to illuminate the cooking zone. Placed in four corners of the filter, the lighting is equally distributed on the cooking area for the best visibility. And speaking of the baffle filters, these are dishwasher safe, so you can easily wash these filters, as well. 

Highlighted Features

  • Ducted type range hood allows easy assembling
  • 4-speed fan controlling system for proper air-flow
  • Produces the highest sound of 60 bD for a quiet environment
  • Easy to use pushbuttons for operation
  • Baffle filters can be washed in the dishwasher

For a much wider kitchen area, you can also go for the ZLKB-30 kitchen range hood from Zline. This one comes with a wider capacity to absorb the air around the cooker to filter out grease and other chemicals much more efficiently.

Similar to the GL1i-30, the ZLKB-30 is also a 30-inch kitchen range hood that comes with a ducted hood profile. It’s also pretty easy to set it up, no matter how is your kitchen is designed.

This model also comes with a 4-speed fan controlling system like the previous one, but with a much higher capacity. The highest speed that you can activate in it is 760 CFM, which is ideal for larger kitchens where the amount of gas produced is much higher than any standard cooking area.

The best part is, you can set this device from the ceiling no matter how high it is. Starting from 7 feet to 12 feet, this device suits the height of your ceiling pretty nicely. Usually, ceilings do not cross the 12-feet mark.

Again, the baffle filters can be easily separated from the device with the help of two silver handles on the side. These handles are placed right by the side of the LED lights that are there to light up your cooking zone for maximum visibility!

Highlighted Features

  • Ducted range hood design for filtering gas
  • It comes with 4-speed fan control
  • Made from 21-gauge 430 stainless steel
  • It can be placed from the ceiling at a height between 7 to 12 feet
  • The dishwasher-safe baffle filter can be easily separated

And finally, in our quest to find the best wall mount range hood, we have the Broan-NuTone 413604 on our list. This one is a nun-ducted one that comes with a charcoal filter on it. This means it can filter grease in a more efficient way than regular range hoods.

The entire device is made from hard and robust stainless steel. You can tell it from its sturdy profile and sleek look. It allows easy ventilation and smooth filtering of gas and other chemicals emitting from the cooking zone.

The best part is, the device comes with a charcoal filter in it. Compared to regular filters, the charcoal filter allows better filtering capability for grease. It easily captures grease in a bulk amount and smoothly filters to keep the kitchen area clean and tidy.

Although a touchscreen would have been the best choice, the device features rocker switches on the side. However, the operation is rather easy, and you can simply navigate the settings just by a few pushes on the buttons.

Control the amount of air-flow on this device by using the 2-speed fan settings on it. Apart from that, the device has a protective lamp lens on it. You can place any light up to 75W to illuminate your cooking zone.

Highlighted Features

  • Made from pure, robust stainless steel
  • It features rocker switches for manual navigation
  • It comes with charcoal filters for better management of grease
  • The protective lamp allows light-bulbs for better lighting
  • Has a 2-speed motor for two different air-flow speed options

Best Wall Mount Range Hood Buying Guide 

So, you are up for finding the best wall mount range hood, right? Well, before you click ‘add to cart’ on any of the hoods that we have reviewed, make sure you kept these points in mind.

Ducted or Non-ducted?

Before you even think of a range hood, you need to make sure what type of range hood you need. Is it ducted or non-ducted? Ducted range hoods refer to the type that has a large chimney that is connected to an outside part. It basically takes the air from inside and throws it outside.

On the other hand, non-ducted doesn’t have any outside part. Rather it filters the air inside and purifies it to release again. Both of these types have separate perks and cons. So, you need to settle down for one of these types before selecting one.

Size Of The Hood

Range hoods are found in different sizes like 30-inch, 36-inch, 40-inch, and more. Depending on the cooking top you have, you need to select the right size of the hood. If your cooking top is about 30 inches, the kitchen hood should be at least 36 inches.

The idea is, the larger, the better. This way, it can cover up a larger area around the hood to suck heavy air and filter it.


Usually measured in cubic feet per minute (CFM), the strength of the suction capacity is also pretty important. It refers to the velocity of the air-flow of the machine. Often it is also measured by comparing it to the heating capability of cooking is, which is measured by BTU (British Thermal Units).

To understand it easily, you need to have 1 CFM of air-flow power for every 100 BTUs in your kitchen. So if you have a 40000 BTU count in your kitchen, you need a kitchen hood with at least 400 CFM count.

Efficient Filter

Basically, there are two types of filters in a kitchen hood - the baffle filter and the mesh filter. While the mesh filters are comparatively cheaper than the baffle filters, the latter option is more effective in filtering gas and air. Plus, mesh filters are not as easy to clean as the baffle filter.

These filters are made from either aluminum and stainless steel. So depending on your demand, you need to choose one that suits your kitchen. Again, some of the hoods have charcoal filters, as well, to purify the air before releasing. These filters need to be replaced every 6 months or a year. But it’s worth keeping one.

Final Words

If you don’t have to reach the end of your pocket for a kitchen hood, there’s no reason for not getting the best wall mount range hood available in the market. If you go through the hoods that we have picked up and reviewed in this piece, it will get way easier for you to make a choice.

But before you finally select one, make sure you go through our buying guide for the best advice you can get!


Happy cooking!

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