Best Undermount Kitchen Sinks for Granite Countertops in 2021

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So, you have a nice looking granite countertop on your kitchen! As an experienced kitchen interior designer I can guess how fabulous your kitchen looks right now. I personally love granite for kitchen countertop. ok but now you need a perfect undermount sinks for granite countertops! but that's not easy to choose the perfect one.

You have to consider the materials, bowls size, durability, features, performance and more, which should sync with your granite countertop. As a visitor of this article, you will focus largely on the product. For that reason, most of you will start to scroll down after a glimpse on the first and second paragraph of this content for searching the best undermount kitchen sinks for granite countertops!

This is why, we have decided to serve the best guideline, to choose the right undermount kitchen sink for your granite countertop within a shot-time. And without any doubt you can pick the Editors Choice that is the best pick considered for undermount granite countertop.

10 Best undermount kitchen sinks for granite countertops in 2021

Best Undermount Kitchen Sinks

Based on the earlier discussion, we aimed for market research, to get the best undermount kitchen sink for granite countertop. Then, listed 23 best kitchen sinks base on their popularity and reviews, and headed over to our expert. Our official experts filtered the list and recommended top ten for you.


  • Stainless steel for resisting rust, scratch and damage for being brushed finish.
  • Sound guard layer and solid rubber pad reduce noise.
  • Interior measurement of the sink is Width: 30-1/12, Front to Back: 16 inch, Depth: 10 inches.
  • And the exterior measurement is: 32 x 19 inch.

A Workstation from Ruvati we are putting in the first position. The reason behind calling this name is for accessories, which not only reduce trouble but also assist for a better wash. And the names of that equipment is Chopping wood, roll-up rack and colander.

The slide at the edge of the front and rear supports the colander to wash properly. On that slide, the cutting board and roll up can be placed nicely. The tilted bottom with a channel helps to finish the water drainage. The sink comes with mounting clips, bottom rinse grid, basket filter drain and all the necessary things, so the installation process is really simple,  that we really appreciate.

Negative sides of the product

- There is no major negative side of this product as our experts opinion.

Our second recommendation is a Kraus Standart PRO double bowl sink. Kraus is one of the best kitchen appliances manufacturer brand over USA.  To place this in the second position had to consider many aspects and T304 stainless steel was one of them. Because it has ultimate durability along with dent protection. Moreover, the beauty and quality of this product are uncompromised. Likewise, the earlier said features it has some more things.

  • It is completely rust and corrosion protected and easy to clean
  • Technology like noise reduction and sound protection are used in this device
  • The bottom grooves are so balanced that easily removes water.
  • It matches with granite countertops
  • The sink comes in: Kraus towel, tow versatile dish grids, three unique basket filter, and long-time warranty.
  • To prevent condensation, it has a specialized coating.

The negative side of this product

- It stinks so fast and the wastes don’t dispose of quickly

Expert opinion on negative sides
- Stainless steel sinks should be cleaned promptly after wash, and this way can extend the lifetime of the sink. However, our expert agrees with the drainage complain. To solve that, he informed this to the manufacturer. We hope next batch will give a better response.

Another Kraus product, we have listed in the third position. And this time, want to introduce with a single bowl sink. The sink has the same technology as the earlier one, but there are slight differences like:

  • It has massive space and better garbage disposal facilities.
  • Also has one faucet holes.
  • The average cabinet size is 36 inch.
  • The sink comes in: versatile dish grid, Krause towel, installation kit, three basket filter set, and warranty.

The negative side of the product

- It gets the scratches quickly even you are too careful.

Expert opinion on negative side

- Brand new batches are more updated and well designed. Therefore, the expert recommendation is: try the fresh batch.

Again, in the fourth position, we have enlisted a different Kraus kitchen sink. By the way we have a fell review of this article, you can check the full review of this product here Kraus KHU100-30 Review. Likewise the previous two, it has common features and accessories but the slight difference in measurement and other materials such as,

  • Inside space is enough for accommodating daily needs.
  • For better drainage, the manufacturer has ensured a better drainage system.
  • Special coating has applied to protect the rust and scratch.
  • And it is compatible with all type of Kraus colander.

The negative side of the product
Scratches easily and the weight is heavy

Expert opinion on the negative side
The builder of this product made it heavy in order to take enough load. On the other hand, the products that made in 2017 are not that much good. Nevertheless, the fresh batch from 2018 is great.

In our fifth recommendation list, we have added a bar or prep single bowl kitchen sink. Because of its amazing affordability and multitasking facilities. To list this in the list we considered more aspects. Like:

  • To make this unbreakable, the manufacturer has used a special type of stainless steel named SUS304.
  • As a result, durability and load capacity confirms.
  • It has rust and corrosion resistance as well as a handy cleaning facility.
  • To reduce the noise, the product owner applied thick and soft rubber coat.
  • Also has humidity protection coating.
  • The sloped grooves clear the remaining water.
  • This product comes in: versatile dish grid, three basket filter set,  dish dryer rack, user manual, troubleshot guide along with three sponge.

The negative side of the product

Garbage disposal problem

Expert opinion on the negative side
The sink works fine without garbage disposal, according to our expert. Thus, if you want to use garbage disposal then it might get critical for you.

For the number sixth position, we have enlisted a perfect contender for Ruvati workstation, which is KWU110 from KRAUS. This product offers diversified facilities for users. To talk about the features, we have adorned a special section below:

  • Being durable, it can take enough load.
  • The drainage facilities of this product are better than other sinks.
  • Also, the drainage procedure has tested by a scientist, to clear the water.
  • Extra sliding space of this product makes the product washing easy.
  • This product comes in: wood chopping board, dish dryer, dish grid, cover for drain, odor resistance.

 The negative side of the product
Small drainage and the sink is too much big in some case

Expert opinion on the negative side
The expert believes that the drainage facility and the sink size is perfect. Because, the instruction of the sink indicated how to use it, as well as mentioned dos and don’t. Therefore, it’s wise to follow that. Still if their problem, then it’s time to contact with the manufacturer.

In number seventh recommendation, we have included another Double bowl sink from KRAUS. Before choosing the sink, we compared among tons of the double bowl sink. Then, found that signature features along with TRU16 have increased the user-friendly options. It has some unique features except regular features such as

  • Corners of this product are easy to clean.
  • Special humidity protector has applied to this.
  • Two bowls are different.
  • And the depth of the left bowl is 9 inch.
  • On the other hand, the right bowl depth is 7.13 inch.
  • It also comes in all required hardware and user instruction

The negative side of the product
The sink gets scratch easily.

Expert opinion on negative side
Our expert has also faced the problem and gave a try in his lab for the experiment; found that, the scratch-resistant coating is not working properly. After that, he complained to the owner. Let’s wait and see for the update.

As like the previous product, eight-position has also grabbed by another KRAUS product. This time, it is a commercial product. That is why the manufacturer added low bowl and some special features and they are:

  • It saves enough space for countertops.
  • And comes in:  two stainless steel grill for the base, equipment for draining assembly, installation hardware, Cutting board and long-time warranty.
  • The manufacturer offers a faucet with the accessories.
  • And the faucet can be used in 2 ways
  • However, regular and signature features of Kraus are also included

The negative side of the product
Poor rust resistance coating

Expert opinion on the negative side
Every product has its perishable value and KRAUS is not above that. Therefore, rust attack is common but not acceptable within a short time. That’s why our expert recommends contacting the manufacturer. Because stainless steel has built in rust resistance.

For ninth position, we got a double bowl product from Ruvati finally. The reason behind the recommendation is for blending all the required facilities. For example, being a double bowl with sleek slide, it reduces the hassle of dishwashing. To tell more about like the previous one, we have structured a detailing below:

  • For using T340 steel, it has higher durability.
  • The sleek slider at the edge of this sink,
  • It is fully rust and corrosion resistance.
  • Soundproof and noise reduction technologies are used.
  • The base of this sink is scientifically tested in order to confirm the proper drainage.
  • It also comes in: dish dryer rack, cutting board, colander, installation kit, basket filter, and warranty.
  • Also has included Ruvati Signature features.

The negative side of the product
The bottom line of the sink is flat and does not bend properly.

Expert opinion on the negative side
To cover up the complaint, the manufacturer has added a unique basket filter, and if they did not make that way then it would become tough to install. But for your information if you can measure it correctly then rest of the work is not that complicated.

In our final list, we have added another product from Ruvati and this time, it is a single bowl sink. The features and facilities of this undermount sink are same as previous goods.  But we have found some slight difference. And they are:

  • The radius of the bottom line is tight and polished.
  • The exterior dimension of the sink is wide: 32 inches, front to back: 19 inch.
  • And the interior dimension is: width 33-3/8, Front to back 16 inches, depth is 10 inch.

The negative side of the product
The basket filter is too small.

Expert opinion on the negative side
Usually, underneath drainage pipes get clogged quickly for foodstuff, for preventing the problem, the manufacturer applied this small hole technique.

Ultimate Buying guide For You

Next guideline is about opening a secret, which will not only add value to this content but also guide you, to choose the right stainless steel kitchen sink. So without delay lets jump into the section:

kitchen sinks for granite countertops

Sink material

There are many types of kitchen sink are available in the market. The first thing we considered is the best kitchen sink material. Cause, the durability, and long-lasting capability are highly related with it. This is the most important thing that we have considered to find all best kitchen sinks for granite countertop.

single/double Bowl!

As we were making the recommendation for the various group, considered single and double bowl. However, for you we will recommend evaluating your workload before choosing the bowl.

Size of the sink

We have discussed the different sized product in our recommendation list, to create the list had to analyze homeowner needs and commercial needs. However, for you, just think about your requirement. That’s it. If it gets tough still then check the sizes from our list. We hope it will work.


All the products in our list are budget-friendly, even stainless steel sinks are the best budget sinks we have ever seen. And this why we choose the stainless steel sink. So we will request you to fix the budget before selecting the stainless kitchen sink.

Why stainless steel sinks are the best?

Is it tough to maintain the stainless steel sink?

Will the granite maintenance impact on stainless steel kitchen sink?

Final Words

Without wasting money if you want to replace or install your brand new undermount kitchen sink by yourself, you can just check our blog, trust me this is just a piece of cake! We have "A to Z" DIY tutorial ready for you, just go to the blog section and check it out. So that was our selected 10 best undermount kitchen sinks for granite countertops! When the earlier mentioned inquiries, satisfied our needs. We started to structure the content, and you have read that already. Therefore, it’s time to wrap up the journey. If the guideline helps you at least. Then shout aloud. We are eagerly waiting for that. Take care.

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