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A sudden power cut not only blacks you out but also stops the electric water pump in your house. It’s easy to live without bright light with the help of candles, but spending an hour without water seems to be a challenging task.

This is why a manual hand pump at the backyards is becoming popular nowadays. Plus, such pumps connect us to our roots, too! In this article, we’re going to explore some of the most efficient manual pumps to dig out the best pitcher pump for you!

If you’re into buying hand pumps soon, stick to this piece till the end to get the detailed information you need!

Top 5 Best Pitcher Pumps

Best Pitcher Pump

It was tough to pull out a few pumps from numerous choices out there. Still, we did manage to list the top 5 choices that you can bet your bucks on. Follow the reviews to learn more!

Our first choice is Simmons 1160/PM500. This red beauty will definitely add to the look of your backyard to a whole new level.

Besides being stunning in looks, this spiller comes with a strong and robust build-up. The entire body of the PM500 is made from close grain cast iron. This ensures optimum strength and superb durability for a long period of time.

To make sure that the device doesn’t get off the hook, it comes with reinforced bolt plugs all over the pump. This means no joint is going to get loosened no matter how many times or for how long you’re using this.

The lid of the device is pretty flexible. It can be adjusted as per the requirement of your own handling comfort. Not everyone feels comfortable with the same handle position; that’s why customization is preferred. Simmons 1160 comes with that very comfort of adjustment for the handle position.

Apart from all these functions, the pump is pretty compact, to be honest. Measuring only about 8 by 8 by 16 inches, you can easily install the device by your own hand.

Highlighted Features:

  • Compact device can be easily installed
  • Entirely made from close grain cast iron
  • Pump cap can be easily adjusted for customized handle position
  • Comes with reinforced bolt plugs
  • Attractive design adds to the look of the garden

If you liked the Simmons 1160/PM500, you would definitely want to have a look at the Riggeyard 1160/PP500NL, too! This one is a bit larger than the PM500 but looks equally stunning!

The entire body of the PP500NL is made from heavy-duty iron construction. All the parts, no matter how large or small, are also made from close grain cast iron material. This means you’re going to get maximum support from the pump for a long time ahead.

For a manual pump, it is always a matter of risk that the bolts may not be strongly enforced. That’s not the case for Ridgeyard PP500NL here. It comes with a set of reinforced bolts to make sure nothing goes wrong in the joints.

The pump can lift water at a maximum height of 25 feet. This lets you spill out water from a good depth underground. It’s quite convenient for the kitchen and washing use.

One excellent feature of this device is that it has an integral flapper valve. It works to make water fetching easier and smoother than any general pump does. You can effortlessly pull out water from the ground without any hiccups.

Highlighted Features:

  • Made from heavy-duty cast iron material
  • Joint bolts are made reinforced for optimum strength
  • Comes with an integral flapper valve for better pumping
  • Can spill water at 25 feet max
  • Beautiful decorative look

Another powerful hand pump on our list is the Water Source PP500NL X. This red beast is actually a large spiller that can be used for a variety of reasons.

From the garden to the backyard, lawn, or even laundry works - you can use this pump to fetch water for your daily needs. Thanks to its user-friendly operation, it’s just anybody’s device!

The pump is made from bright heavy-duty cast iron. You can expect the spiller to remain at the constant durable formation for quite a long time during its service. In case you don’t externally mess up anything with it, it won’t be broken down any time sooner.

It comes without a lead, which means you don’t need to think much about the filtering of the water you fetch. That’s one more headache to ignore!

Being a heavy-duty fetcher, the device can pull out water at the height of 25 feet. That’s enough for you to carry on your daily tasks.

Having not to prime the machine every time you use it is a blessing. Unless you are leaving it for an extended period, you can keep ignoring the priming task.

Apart from all these benefits, it’s a simple machine to assemble and install. It doesn’t take quite a lot of time and labor to get going in pumping water.

Highlighted Features:

  • Bright red machine made from heavy-duty cast iron
  • Suitable for all type of daily household works
  • Comes with no lead for skipping filtering works
  • Can fetch water at 25 feet max.
  • Simple and easy to install the device

Tired of watching a red pump all the way? Here’s something you can turn your heads to. Introducing, the Anself Garden Pump. This one is a heavy-duty water spiller that comes with a muted green design to stand out from other similar products.

Being painted green, the device suits perfectly in the gardens and backyards. No need to get awkward about a red pitcher in the middle of greenery! It does blend quite well in trees and bushes.

Made from top-class cast iron material, the pump is here to stay. Expect a leading performance from the device for quite a long time ahead without any threat of being broken down or damaged.

One thing that may not seem quite appealing is the weight of this machine. The device weighs about 30 pounds, which is actually pretty heavy to handle. So, you may need a few helping hands while placing it.

But that doesn’t mean it’s a hard job to install. The device is pretty easy to install, to be honest. All you need is to hook up stainless steel or any PVC pipe for a simple assembly and installation.

Highlighted Features:

  • Attractive green-colored device blends with nature
  • No lead design for hassle-free operation
  • Made from heavy-duty cast iron
  • Water pumping capacity up to 26 feet
  • Simple and easy to install

We pull the shutter of our reviews down with the Parts2O FPHP25 water pump. If you’re into finding something extraordinary and stand-out, then this one should appear to you like the show stopper here.

Made with absolute heavy-duty cast iron, the spiller is totally all black. This look is amazingly attractive when placed in any corner of your yard. Whether it is for laundry purposes, or kitchen, or even gardening, the dark design absolutely nails it.

If you’re looking for something that can fetch water from really deep underground, you better not go for this one. It’s made from a shallow-well application that may reach about 25 feet height at a maximum level.

With 1 inch to 1-¼ inch pipe in hand, it’s just a matter of time to get this machine to work. It’s incredibly easy to assemble and install even if you’re not an expert in piping works.

Highlighted Features:

  • Stunning dark-color design suits anywhere in the yard
  • Pretty easy to assemble and install
  • Made from heavy-duty cast iron
  • Designed for shallow water fetching works
  • Simple and easy to operate by anyone

What To Look For Before Buying A Pitcher Pump 

So, you’re positive about going for a pitcher pump, aren’t you? Well, before you move on for one, here’re some quick tips for you.

Choose The Pump Type

Determine what you need. Although a manual pump is something that works totally in a handheld way, you need to know that there are different types within - like the rotary pump, pendulum pump, etc. You can even find that the suction power and requirement for pressure levels also differ from device to device.

So depending on your work and use, select the type of pitcher pump you want. Then go look for other features.

Water Flow

Even if the pump can fetch water from a great depth, the flow may not necessarily be that impressive. Different pumps work differently in this case. Some machines can throw out water at an impressive speed, while some others may test your patience.

So before you move on with one, try reading the reviews or asking the seller about the water flow. You can’t compromise in this case.

Suction Height

The only thing a hand pump does is pump out water from the underground. So depth here is a crucial deciding factor for you. How deep is the water level? Does it reside too deep? If that’s the case, choosing something that is designed for shallow water isn’t going to work for you.

Most compact water pumps come with 25 to 30 feet of suction height. Make sure this suction-height capacity suits your need in the project you’re planning to use.

Build Quality

A water spiller machine is not something that you buy every other day. It’s a one time purchase for a long period of time. So it better be strong and durable for at least 5 years or more. To make sure that the pump lasts this long, you must check if the body is constructed from cast iron or not.

For such a machine, cast iron is an ideal material for durability and robust quality. Make sure all the body parts are made from the same cast iron material.

Bolt Reinforcement

There’s no point in installing a hand pump if the vital joint is worthlessly loose. Even if the joints are not bought loose, these are prone to get loosened by the course of time. To get rid of such risk, make sure that the bolts on different joints are well reinforced.

It will add to the strength and durability of the machine. Plus, it will ensure safety and security for the user, as well.

Easy To Install

Lastly, do not depend on an expert for installing the pump. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on such services. Try to get the one that allows you to set it up yourself. Try finding the one that promotes easy installation and assembly.

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Final Words

Having the best pitcher pump in your backyard is a blessing indeed. In case of a sudden water shortage and scarcity, an age-old manual hand pump appears as a rescuer. We did our best to list down the top 5 pumps that you may bat your eyes on before you decide to own one. If you think you need to explore more, do keep your eyes on our buying guide to reach the perfect decision!

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