6 Best Luxury Kitchen Faucets of 2021 | In-depth Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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Admit it, you cannot go around much without touching your kitchen faucet, especially for housewives. Whether it is for a glass of water, cleaning hands, cleaning dishware, etc. And it is not always about the performance of the faucets, now people look for appearance as well that the best luxury kitchen faucet can bring you.

A dull looking kitchen faucet can make your entire sink look dull. And who doesn’t want to make their kitchen look appealing? Sure everyone does!

And for them, we have pulled out the top luxury kitchen faucets of the market. They look incredibly classy and they deliver service more than you expect. Not convinced yet? Why don’t you take a look at the reviews!

6 Best Luxury Kitchen Sink Faucet Reviews 2021

best luxury kitchen faucets review

Staring with the most expensive one, the Rohl U.4719L-PN-2 Perrin and Rowe Bridge Style high end kitchen faucet.

It does not look classy, it has a royal look and it is not going to suit any ordinary kitchen for sure. If you have a highly decorated kitchen, then think about investing in this. As we said, this is really expensive but the performance and the design make that hurt less. Heavily constructed, got brass construction and is completely leak-proof.

It comes with a ceramic disc control cartridge and two levers. Levers are made of metal and has got brass construction as well. This high end faucet is only deck mountable.

Installation is not a hard job, it is simple. With this faucet, you will get decent water flow and the durability is great as well. And lastly, the hand spray delivers both hot and cold water and a mixture of both as well.

  • Top-notch quality.
  • Premium sink faucet.
  • Easy to install.
  • It lasts very long.
  • Comes with a hand sprayer.
  • Way too expensive.

Presenting the Moen S72101BG kitchen faucet which comes with traditional details and extremely elegant. The gorgeous look will make your entire sink shine and that is what catches the most eyes. It features porcelain inlays that comes with Euro-Influenced decorative script.

It is a high arc kitchen faucet and has a single level that makes water adjustment effortless. Moreover, there is a machine side spray that allows you to do all the cleaning work in the sink effortlessly.

With this very faucet, you will also get Duralock quick connect system that will allow you to install the faucet pretty easily. The way the faucet designs, connecting that with the supply line is pretty as well.

And in order to ensure that the connection is secured, there is an audible click. Having that said, the one-way installation faucet cannot have an unsecured connection. So that you can clean your items in the sink comfortably, the manufacturer has made it high-arch. And it does give good space under the faucet for easy cleaning. Plus, there is a side spray as well for making cleaning more convenient.

Lastly, there are five variants of this faucet, in different finishes. Crisp chrome, white bright polished nickel, deep bronze, and bold brushed gold finish. All the variants look cool but the gold one looks incredibly classy.

  • Looks very classy.
  • Single lever functioning.
  • Very easy to install.
  • It features a water spray.
  • It comes in five variants.
  • Won’t allow water to get hot.

What to give a professional touch to your sink? The AXOR Strack luxury is the way to go! It comes in chrome finish and the way it is designed looks very classy, undoubtedly. It has a sleek design and doesn’t look bulky at all. Not only the design, but it also gets a full point for the performance it offers as well.

The manufacturer has constructed it heavily so that it can serve the user for long and actually, it does. It is incredibly durable and if maintained well, that will serve for years with the same classy look.

Unlike some faucets, these models suit easily in any kind of kitchen. It comes with single handle control which delivers so much comfort. You can conveniently shift from hot water to cold water when you are up to cleaning something in the sink.

The spray head you get with the faucet that can be adjustable. You can use needle spray, no-clog aerator, and full spray. The spout rotates to 360-degrees that makes your cleaning more convenient. And now let us take through the connection size, that is 3/8-inches. The hose length is 28-inches, and the faucet height is 9.625-inches. It is a deck mount single hole kitchen faucet and is extremely easy to install.

It delivers a 2.2 GPM flow rate. Maintaining doesn’t require much, just make sure that the faucet is cleaned and unclogged. One additional tip we would give you, if you see a reduction in the flow rate, don’t worry. Remove the screen, rinse that and then reinsert, it should be back on the regular flow.

  • Sleek classy design.
  • One-hand operation.
  • Three spraying options.
  • Spout rotates 360-degrees.
  • Delivers a good water flow rate.
  • Thin Spray.

This is the second AXOR kitchen sink faucet of the list. This brand constantly produces luxurious kitchen and bathroom accessories, and they ensure both the classy look and the top-notch quality.

They got a bunch of creative designers who constantly works on innovations, searching for a way to make a better design than before. And that’s how they are now in the leaderboard, moving with the leading brands.

It is a single lever sink faucet that makes it easier for the user to adjust the water. The height of the faucet is 16-inches which keeps ample space under it so that you can do the cleaning works easily in the sink. With this sink, you get sprayer which has two different sprays, needle spray and laminar.

This is a pull-out kitchen sink faucet that means you can extend the sprayer and clean everything near the faucet. Moreover, it also features magnetic spray head docking. The Spout swivels to 150-degree, 360-degree would have been better. It offers 1.75 gallons of water per minute, well that’s a decent GPM. Overall, the faucet looks damn classy and the finish will prevent corrosion and rust. If this is maintained well, it can serve you for years with no trouble. 

Overall, the faucet looks damn classy and the finish will prevent corrosion and rust. If this is maintained well, it can serve you for years without trouble. This rule of thumb doesn't only apply for luxurious kitchen faucet, but also applies for Best commercial kitchen faucet.

  • Highly durable faucet.
  • Looks very classy.
  • Pull out spray head.
  • It delivers decent GPM.
  • High-arch kitchen faucet.
  • Lacks 360-degree swivel spout.

Here comes one with the touch of the latest technology. This is a highly versatile and futuristic kitchen sink faucet that will blow your mind right away. Let us tell you the best part of it. When your both hands are dirty and you don’t want to touch the faucet but you want to turn the faucet on. What would you do?

Don’t know about other models but with this one, you just say “Ask the delta to turn on”. Boom! You will see the water coming out. And for enjoying this feature you will require a connected home device.

Moreover, you can customize the commands as well and set dispensing amount for different items such as filling the water bottle or the coffee pot. Besides that, if you don’t want to use the voice command, that’s okay because this very faucet comes with touch feature as well. With the Delta touch20 technology, you can turn the faucet on or off with a single touch.

If we talk about the durability, it is going to serve you for long. Due to the advanced technologies, the price is a little high but that is completely fair.

  • Voice command feature.
  • One-touch technology.
  • Easy to install.
  • Highly durable.
  • Looks pretty cool.
  • The touch technology doesn’t last long.

And the last kitchen sink faucet if the list, the AXOR Montreux Luxury 1-Handle 13-inch Tall Stainless Steel Kitchen Faucet.

This faucet is designed and engineered in German and they deliver top-notch performance. It is a pull-out kitchen sink faucet so the spray head can be extended to a certain length. Features two spray modes, enables you to get your work done effectively and faster.

The spout rotates to 150-degree. It is a single hole kitchen sink faucet, that being said that can be installed in multi-hole sinks as well. It got a brass construction, constructed with a ceramic cartridge that makes the  leak proof faucet. The connection hose is 3/8-inches and is easy to install. And it offers 1.75-gallon water flow per minute.

  • Heavily constructed.
  • Easy to install.
  • It is the leak-proof faucet.
  • Decent waterflow.
  • 150-degree swivel.
  • Little expensive.

What are the Benefits of a Good Kitchen Faucet? 

There are several benefits of owning a luxury kitchen sink faucet, have a look below!

  • With a good sink faucet, you will get a good water flow rate which will allow you to do all the cleaning works very comfortably. Plus, there will no splashes of the water that will make the area messy.

  • Having a good water flow through the faucet means it would not hit the backflow valve. So there wouldn’t be any kind of chugging sound that might irritate you. Plus, that is good for the overall faucet health as well.

  • Luxury kitchen faucets come with a high arc that provides ample space under that so that you can do all the cleaning work conveniently. With traditional flow faucets, you wouldn’t get the space.

  • The latest kitchen sink faucets come with 360-degree rotating spout with that cleaning is even more convenient. Moreover, there is a sink faucet that is extendable. You can pull off or pull down the spray head to reach outside of the sink as well. Average extension range 20-meter. So you will be able to clean everything within the range.

How to Choose the Best Luxury Kitchen Faucet?

Different types

You will find different types of kitchen faucets in the market and they work pretty differently from each other. However, below we have given detailed information about all the types so that you can easily understand which one is suitable for you.

best luxury faucet

Pullout faucet

As the name suggests, this kitchen faucet comes with a spout that can be pulled off in order to extend the reach of it. You might get 20-inches extra length which is enough to get most of your fixed kitchen item cleaned such as the baking sheet, stove if you have a fridge near the sink that can be cleaned easily as well. And if you are worried about the hose tangling, don’t! The hose is designed in a way it won’t tangle even the slightest.

Pull down faucet

The previous one is pull off and now this one is pull down. With this kitchen faucet you cannot pull off the spout but you can pull down to the spray head which is pretty much safe. In fact, we find pull-down kitchen faucet more convenient than the pull off. Since with pull-down you don’t have to deal with an entire spout, it is just the spray head. After expanding or pulling down the spray head if you leave that, the spout will automatically pull the spray head inside that looks satisfying.

Two Handle Faucet

You might have already guessed, these kitchen faucets come with two levers to control the water. One lever is for hot water and another is for cold water supply. And you can even use both of the levers to get mixed water through the primary spout. However, when you have both hands busy cleaning the dishes or other things in the sink, it gets a little hard to use these levers.

best luxury kitchen faucet

Two Handle Faucet

You might have already guessed, these kitchen faucets come with two levers to control the water. One lever is for hot water and another is for cold water supply. And you can even use both of the levers to get mixed water through the primary spout. However, when you have both hands busy cleaning the dishes or other things in the sink, it gets a little hard to use these levers.

Single handle

These kitchen faucets come with the single lever and with that the user can do all the water adjustments. The temperature, water flow, all can be managed with that lever. Most faucet comes with the lever at the right side. The single handle kitchen faucets are beneficial when you are cleaning something on the sink and need to adjust the water. You can do that with little push of one finger, or the wrist or the elbow.

The Design

Not all the people care about design when it comes down to kitchen faucet, some just want a decent one that will give them good performance. But if you are like us who cares about the look as well, choosing a classy design would be so pleasing for you. Choosing a good design is mandatory if you have already decorated your kitchen nicely. However, for good designs, we would suggest going with the Delta or Moen manufacturer.

They know exactly what people want. Most of their faucets are eye-catchy and delivers a good performance as well. And the best part of these two brands is, you will get a lot of options to choose from.

luxury faucet for kitchen

Advanced technology

Whenever you are shopping for kitchen faucets look for models that come with some attractive advanced technologies. Though it is not mandatory but worth looking for. For example, there are faucets that come with single lever operation, that will enable you to shift from hot to cold water or vice-versa pretty easily. This comes into play especially when you are cleaning something in your sink and afford one hand to use for the water adjustment.

Besides that, now faucets come with a sprayer that helps in cleaning a lot. And there is the 360-degree rotating spout. And best all, there are faucets that come with motion sensor, they are just incredible. Purchasing faucets with such technology might cost you big money but they worth it.

Installing process

If you will be installing the sink all by yourself then the installation process shouldn’t be complex, so choose accordingly. There is another important thing that needs to be considered, the sink mounting holes. Before you go out for shopping, check how many mounting holes your sink has and then pick a faucet according to that. However, if you mistakenly purchase a faucet that requires more holes, you can create holes with a drill. For that, you might need to hire an expert.


What stands above everything is the performance. The faucet you pick should perform well and serve you for a long period of time. Go for faucets that are made of durable materials so that they would last longer. One easy way to find quality faucets is to go for the well-reputed brands such as Delta, Moen, etc. Their products might be a little expensive but you will be provided with the proper value. Plus, they offer a warranty with their faucets as well. Do not go for cheap models, they are no good. They will serve you for little time and in the long run, you will end up paying more.

kitchen faucet luxury

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Final Words

These are the best luxury kitchen faucet you will find in the market right now. They might cost you a big amount of money but they deliver proper value for that. Anyone who is looking for a premium-looking high end kitchen sink faucet, all of these would be good to go with.

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