World’s Famous 10 Best Faucet Brands for Kitchens & Bathrooms

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A nice set of faucet is always a handy one. The better the quality, the better the functionality. Now as a regular guy, you’ll probably have a hard time finding the perfect faucet for you. This is why, you don’t focus on quality, rather you focus on brands. Brand loyalty talks! If you buy a faucet that comes from a reputed brand, you’ll have a confidence that you won’t regret buying it.

However, with tons of brands out there, it’s pretty normal for you to get confused. This is why; we’ve come up with the best faucet brands list.

"Attention Please! We have crafted this review in 3 sections! Where at SECTION A we have top 5 kitchen faucet brands list, and next at SECTION B you will find the 5 best bathroom faucet brands"

5 Best Kitchen Faucet Brands

best kitchen faucet brands

This faucet review consists of high-quality, yet generic and cheap brands to put your hands on. Enjoy!


DELTAOne of the best faucet brand for both kitchen and bathroom, Alex Manoogian had found Delta faucet company is 1954 with their first creation, ball valve single handle faucet. From then, there is no coming back. Delta is genuinely one of the best kitchen faucet brand you can buy. They’re wholly a subsidiary of Masco Corporation family, the world’s top-most manufacturer of home appliances.

Delta faucets mainly create the top-notch kitchen faucets to provide you with the best water experience. Delta is a german faucet brand, it has a passion for water, which flows through everything that they do. The flagship of this brand focuses more on making more exceptional products. For many useful and unique features we have choose Delta as the top of our best kitchen faucet brands list.

The idea of kitchen faucets had been reimagined in 2011 when Delta released Touch2O® and Touch2O.xt™. From former touch-operated to the latest hands-free technology, this brand is the cream of the crop in every sphere. The Delta 9178-AR-DST Leland is one the the best and legendary faucet in the market.

You no longer have to struggle with stiff handles and dirt all over your faucet. The unique VoiceIQ technology adds a bit more to its exclusivity.

This feature lets you fill your pots and measuring cups up to the exact measure that you want. You can control the flow of water without even touching the faucet. Isn’t that cool? Additionally, switching from one temperature to another is no less than a piece of cake with it.

Delta faucet brand is undoubtedly one of the best faucet brands ever founded. It has been snatching positive reviews from the customers like a gem. This brand comes with a customer review so subtle that you’ll get shocked!

The unique hands-free technology lets the customers enjoy to get their chores done even if they have messy or dirty hands. Delta comes with a surety of making house chores more straightforward and straightforward.


KOHLERKohler is a brand founded by John Micheal Kohler in 1873. Even though it is best known for plumbing products, the company manufactures furniture, tile, and engines as well. Kohler comes with the belief that every drop of water is worth using and not worth wasting. That’s why Kohler has taken the responsibility of making droplets of water count by rendering you some extravagant faucets. You don’t expect your unhealthy-looking valve to leak all the time. Kohler has brought you some worth-every-penny faucets.

You can undoubtedly claim them as one of the best bathroom faucets ruling the business. And so are the kitchen ones! Kohler has been serving people for more than 140 years!

The Kraus Nola and Delta Leland kitchen faucet by Kohler are worth every penny. These two beauties have been snatching all the attention since day 1. The diamond seal technology added to the products of this brand safeguards every water drip.

And the cleaning process of this faucet is so easy that it takes only one wipe to get your kitchen faucet cleaned at once. Kohler faucets offer hands-free technology for your kitchen and bathroom faucets. You can install the faucet in any sink with a single hole, and it doesn’t require any switch outlet to power.

There are numerous reasons why consumers prefer Kohler to any other brand. This extraordinary creation offers a high-end commitment to the environment and communities all over the world.

For many of us, the warranty of the product is pretty essential. Kohler makes sure that the product manufactured after 1997 are safe from any sort of drips or leakage during random usage. Isn’t that fascinating?

Besides quality, Kohler also stays competitive when it comes to the price issue. You will hardly find any faucet brand rendering such a brilliant offer within such a legit price.


MOENIn the hands of Alfred M. Moen, the product line Moen started its journey. Moen is also a german faucet brands, which is originally a part of Ravenna Metal Products of Washington. The initial 12 faucets that came off the line were bought for $12. Moen has gained mentionable fame by the production of top-notch single-handle washbasin and faucet design mainly. Maximum single-handle faucets by Moen has undergone at least two revision so that the newer version is compatible with, the older ones.

Providing cornerstone to build a perfect design for the kitchen is the easiest job for Moen. In Moen, you will get to explore one of the best kitchen faucets in a great variety of designs. From touchless to one-handle, high-arch, pre-rinse- they have it all.

Moen offers almost every type of kitchen faucet that is being provided by the digital marketing industry. Not only homemakers but also the professionals never get tired of raising this A-1 brand and so we have place it in our best kitchen faucet brands list.

Moen has divided the faucet designs into four categories- general kitchen work, bar and prep work, beverage faucets, and utility faucets. No matter if you have a traditional transition or a modern kitchen, Moen can render faucets of every style.

If you’re scouring for a faucet that is productive and good looking at the same time, then there can rarely be anything better than Moen kitchen faucets.

Moen faucets are consistently praised with high-ratings all over the world. Usually, Moen receives a product score of 4.4 out of 5 on average. For such a famous and top-class brand, quality is rare to find in any other brand.

Since the establishment of this brand Al Moen had been working with firm faith to serve the customer with the best quality. This brand identifies the customers’ needs efficiently and turns the information into insights.


KRAUS- Many households are deprived of enjoying commercial-style faucets that render versatility and productivity at the same time. If you’ve been looking for something standard residential types, then you can check out some fantastic creations brought to you by KRAUS.

KRAUS can provide you with such comfort and luxury that your kitchen will become no less than a paradise. This brand draws an impulse that arises from all walks of life.

KRAUS designs faucets that come with a contemporary look and reasonable price at the same time. Even though professional installation is usually recommended, it’ll not be a big deal to install the faucet individually.

To provide the customers with some reasonable and budget-friendly option, this extravagant brand has featured some plastic components. They might not be as durable as the metal pieces, but surely are worth your penny.

One of the best examples that follow easy installation, contemporary style, and reasonability is the Kraus KPF-2250. It is a single lever pull-out faucet with a traditional pattern instead of a commercial-style design. It comes with a stainless-steel polish and has a dual-function pull-out sprayer.

Commercial style faucets, pull-down faucets, pull-up faucets, or bar faucets- you can get all of them from this beyond-beauty brand. Each of the styles features a different user experience. You’ll get gooseneck style and multiple polish options, but each faucet is a single-handle model.

Maximum KRAUS faucets are priced between $150-$300. You can find many styles and designs within a very reasonable price in KRAUS. We believe investing your hard-earned money in this brand will not make you regret later.

People who have experienced the service of these faucets have hardly come up with any negative reviews of any issues.


WEWEWEWE is a premium quality fixture brand that focuses on creating exceptional products that enhance your kitchen experience to a level higher. If you’re looking for a faucet that doesn’t dig a big hole in your pocket and works wonder at the same time, then WEWE is a reasonable bid!

Kitchen faucets are an essential part of any household. You won’t prefer faucets that’ll require a fix within a month, no? WEWE allows you to enjoy many classic designs in your kitchen by choosing among some of the best kitchen faucets.

Out of all the classy design by WEWE, Single Handle High Arc Brushed faucet is gaining popularity rapidly. The sleek design, multifunctional outlet design, and smooth operation have made the cream of the crop.

Besides the outstanding look and chic style, it renders extraordinary durability and heavy-duty manufacture. You will hardly find any fixture brand that makes so much within such a reasonable price.

The pull-down faucets by WEWE have been acing the game from the day it was invented. People who have been using the kitchen faucets by WEWE are aware of how smoothly it functions without any significant issues or fixtures for years.

This brand is so worth it that almost 84% of purchasers have crowned this brand with a 5 star! No matter which household you take the name of, every family is a fan of WEWE. This a brand that guarantees excellent products with more excellent value! WEWE has always tried their best to serve the customers with excellent service and fantastic products. No wonder why we consider it in the best 10 kitchen faucet brands!

The 5 Best Bathroom Faucet Brands

best bathroom faucet brands

You only realize the value of some best bathroom faucet when the faucet in your bathroom is leaking. We’ve covered about some top-grade bathroom faucet that’ll make your water experience a tad grander.


DeltaBesides acing in the kitchen faucet game, this superior brand has not lagged in cases of bathroom faucets. Delta is one of the best-selling brands in North America.

Most of the plumber prefers faucets of this brand. Delta has been a common name in every household for decades. It’s almost impossible for you to go wrong by getting a faucet from Delta. It’s Diamond Seal cartridge, and InnoFlex waterways add a bit more to the features of this brand.


LightInTheBox- Looking for something contemporary for your bathroom? Light in the box bathroom faucets might be a reasonable bid for you then. Searching for faucets of all designs within such a reasonable price has never been this simpler. This brand manufactured products using one of the most excellent materials under one of the most experienced artisans. They compose our bathroom accessories to last. Thick brass bases and double bolt installation guarantee endurance for years to come.

Their Single Handle Waterfall Bathroom Sink Faucet with LED Light has been able to achieve the tag of ‘favorite’ within a brief span of life. They mostly manufacture their products with brass and stainless steel for extra durability.

Be it the quality of design, price, returning policy, or reputation- Light In The Box aces in every sphere. If you’re scouring for a faucet that will be budget-friendly and reasonable at the same time, then go for this premium brand.

If you’re looking for something fancy yet withstanding at the same time, then no other brand can be as good as Light In The Box. The sprinkle faucet by this brand has made a name all over the world. Going for these faucets will turn your clumsy water experience into a fancy one.

So, stop fretting and get your hands on the latest invention brought to you by LightInTheBox. You will not realize the comfort that it provides unless you get it once. Most of the purchasers that have paid for it came up with a thumbs up.


BWEDo you know what the most eye-catching feature of your bathroom is? The faucet, of course! Besides that, you got to install the best bathroom faucet brand in your bathroom for experiencing top-grade water experience. You have ever wondered how to impress your guests and homies when they appear to your place?

Well, food and hospitality are typical, but an excellent water experience in the restroom can never be beaten. That is why we would urge you to go for BWE!

BWE has been a common name in our everyday lives. Among piles of random faucets, you can go for their Single Handle One Hole Lever Faucet. This brushed nickel faucet is compatible with 1 or 3 hole installation.

As this piece is manufactured with solid brass, durability comes as an assurance with that. This A-1 piece also includes a pop-up drain with overflow.

The Oil-Rubbed Bronze Deck Mount Faucet is another matchless creation by Light In The Box. A 6.5-inch deck plate is included along with it. You will rarely find any piece that provides for such an antique finish along with it.

The products brought to you by Light In The Box has always been taking away positive reviews of the purchasers. Most of their products are an assurance of proper value for money. They mostly work with stainless steel for better durability.

Chic-looking bathroom faucets within such a reasonable range are no more your wildest fantasy! And this top-notch piece safeguards the faucet from dripping water as well. What else on earth do you desire?


PfisterPfister in another name in the list of best bathroom faucet brands for which you can get your hands on. Pfister was previously called Price Fister. This brand was introduced to the world by Emil Price and William Pfister in 1910. They initiated their journey in the fixture business by introducing a garden faucet. Soon Pfister’s product line started manufacturing other faucets, valves, and indoor sinks.

The bath fixtures by Pfister are available in the hardware and home improvement stores and showrooms throughout the country. Centerspet, Single handle, Vessel, Wall Mount, or Widespread- you name the type, and they serve it to you.

The bathroom faucets of Pfister are generally reliable, good-quality, and comes with a limited time warranty as well. The brand manufactures pieces that are usually North American style- gentle, industrial look, and generally curved.

The maximum Pfister line is good quality brass with very well proprietary ceramic cartridge. Anyway, metal faucets are getting more uncommon in the Pfister catalog.

Metals are getting rare doesn’t mean that brasses are. There is some piece that steals the show, even though they are made of zinc or zinc alloy. Such as ZAMAK®.

Most of the bathroom faucets that are made of brass dig a bigger hole in your pocket. So why not looking for a substitute in a more reasonable range? And you’re not even making a sacrifice with the quality of your bathroom experience as well.

Most of the faucets by Pfister are finish in polished chrome. They are also available in other finishes like brushed nickel, Tuscan bronze, or stainless steel. The latest finish that Pfister offer is dark chrome.

The most unusual fact about Pfister is that they offer the purchasers a lifetime-warranty. So, you will not have to go for any other bathroom faucet brand as long as you have Pfister in your home.


MoenAs we’ve been talking about Moen in the first part of this review, you can figure out how excellent this brand is! This crowning brand is chasing in cases of bathroom faucets as well.

If you’re thinking about remodeling your bathroom area, you know how difficult it is to figure the best-suited faucet in your bathroom. To appease your difficulty a tad more, Moen has brought you some fantastic bathroom faucet collection at your doorstep. Their Lifeshine finishes and brass manufacture collection will not disappoint you even a bit.

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Faucets are arguably the most impactful part of your kitchen or bathroom area. It plays such an essential role that can change the whole look of your home. No one use faucet that continually drips water, right? We tried our best to cover the best faucet brands that are just perfect for purchasing. We are very confident that you won’t regret putting your hands on any of these beauties. So, without further thought or discussion, go for any of these brands.

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