Top 6 Best Divided Frying Pans Reviews in 2021 (Including Definitive Buying Guide)

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Frying pans save two things at a time - life and time. If you have ever been in the awkward situation of cooking really fast, fry pans are something you would eulogize without a doubt. But pans come either in grilled or griddled design, restricting you to only one type of cooking per pan. How about expanding the possibilities?

Yes, getting the best divided frying pan will not only allow you to try out both types of cooking at the same pan, but also offer you the option to cook multiple meals at once. So, where do you get started? Well, today, we present you 6 such frying pans that are worth your bucks! Stay tuned till the end to find out!

Best Divided Frying Pan Reviews 

The following 6 divided frying pans are the results of our constant search for the best products. Give any of these a try to make sure you’re getting the best one.

To begin with, we have the Eslite Life Frying Divided Grill Pan. It has 3 different chambers that you can cook on. Now, cook three different meals at once, just like that. You can even prepare your lunch while you are making breakfast! Thanks to its even heat-distribution technique, it takes a little time to heat the entire pan up.

Speaking of heating up, the bottom pan is 4.5mm thick. This allows the heat to distribute in a steady manner to cover all the corners. Being made from reinforced die-casting aluminum, it makes it really easy to heat up and cook. Thanks to its non-stick granite coating on both interior and exterior, cooking with little oil were never easier.

As you need less oil for cooking, it gets really easier to cook a healthy diet. The non-sticky formation also comes as a plus when it comes to cleaning it. It takes little time to clean up and start using again. Again, if you are really health-conscious, this one is a perfect suit for you. That’s because the pan is 100% PFOA, Cadmium, and Lead-free. Forget about burning; it’s never going to burn.

The handle of the pan is quite impressive. It’s made as a heat-resistant bakelite one to prevent getting hotter when you are using it on the stove. No matter how hot the pan is, the handle will remain cool all the way. Plus, the length and curved radians of the handle makes it pretty ergonomic and suitable to hold in your hands.

Highlighted Features

  • Constructed from reinforced die-casting aluminum
  • Both interior and exterior have granite coating
  • PFOA, CADMIUM, and LEAD-free
  • Break-resistant and warp-resistant
  • Heat-resistant ergonomic handle

Experience the euphoria of dual-cooking on the Anolon Advanced Nonstick Divided Grill Pan. Made from heavy-duty hard-anodized aluminum; you can rely on the pan for any type of cooking you are feeling today! The best part of this pan is its amazing heat distribution. The pan allows the heat to spread out pretty evenly along the surface.

Interestingly, the two parts of this pan come with two different pan types. On one side, you have the griddled one for making pancakes and other cakes. On the other side, it has a grilled surface for heavy-duty cooking - like grilling. Thanks to its superior heating system that allows both cooking types. Again, when you have a pan that allows up to 400-degree F heating options, you can cook nearly anything on it.

As for safety, you can rest assured that the pan is made from PFOA-free material. It’s pretty much safe for your cooking, and the food will not get contaminated in any way. Again, being a non-stick pan, food release is the last thing you need to care for. Plus, it allows easy cleaning, as well.

It’s quite helpful when you have a SureGrip handle attached to a pan like this. The dual-riveted handle allows you to have a comfortable grip and provides extra strength when using it. Not to mention, it won’t carry heat to make it uncomfortable for you.

Highlighted Features

  • Made from hard-anodized aluminum
  • PFOA-free premium material for safety
  • Can be heated up to 400-degree F
  • The two-part pan comes with griddle and grill pans
  • SureGrip handle allows top-class gripping

Another champ in the house is the MasterPan Non-Stick Skillet. This one is also a two-part pan that comes with both griddle and grill options. Now take your cooking experience to the next level with the dual-cooking option. Cook pancakes and roast steak at the same time on both sides of the pan.

Worried about your health? Keep it cool with the MasterPan skillet as the material used in it is completely PFOA-free. That means no chemical reaction while you are cooking your favorite meal anymore! Also, the pan features White Ford’s Xylan double-layer coating that allows the surface to be non-sticky.

As the pan is constructed from 100% Die Cast Aluminum, you can tell how strong it is for rough use. You can literally use it every single day without any damage whatsoever. Don’t forget that it can endure up to 350-degree F temperature for at least 30 minutes in a row. Start cooking your favorite meal today!

Although the energy-efficient base of this pan distributes the heat evenly across the pan, the handle is excluded here. This detachable bakelite handle can resist heat pretty effectively. That means the handle can be easily detached for dishwasher clean-up, too!

Highlighted Features

  • Constructed from die-cast aluminum
  • Non-stick Xylan Plus coating comes PFOA-free
  • Detachable handle can be easily taken out
  • Energy-efficient induction base for even heat distribution
  • Heat endurance up to 350-degree F

Liked the Master Pan 2-Section Skillet? Well, hold your horses before you see the Master Pan 5-Section one! It has 5 different compartments that allow you to cook 5 different meals at the same time! And guess what, one of the compartments is grill-type to roast your steak!

Although 5 compartments may sound like a lot of space, the heating of the pan is quite fast. It takes only 1 burner to heat up the entire pan within minutes. As for the heat endurance, it can take up to 350-degree F heat for more than half an hour.

Releasing food is the last thing you need to worry about, as the surface of the skillet comes with White Ford’s Xylan Plus non-stick layer. And by the way, the surface is also PFOA-free, so you can rest assured that you are not going to consume anything that harms your health in any way.

Made from superior 100% cast aluminum, the durability of the pan is beyond description. No matter how long you are planning on using it, it’s going to serve you the same way from beginning to end. Not to forget that the ergonomic bakelite handle makes it even more convenient to use for a long-term bond!

Highlighted Features

  • It comes with 5 different compartments
  • Made from 100% cast iron material
  • Heat resistance up to 350-degree F
  • PFOA-free material for healthy cooking
  • Dishwasher safe pan can be easily cleaned

Get as creative as you can when you are cooking your meals with the Anxin Store Nonstick Pan. It comes with 3 separate compartments, 2 of which are designed as rounded to make it easier to fry cakes and egg. The larger part of the pan is grilled so that you can grill those tasty steaks, once in a while, too!

The best part of this pan is its superior heat conduction. It evenly distributes throughout the surface within minutes for you to get ready with your meal right away! The 100% PFOA-free design makes sure you are getting the healthiest food you can have at home - every day!

Not only PFOA, but the pan is also made free from LEAD, PTFE, and CADMIUM for optimum health benefit. Apart from that, the pan is quite user-friendly for both gas and induction stove users. That’s because the pan is designed to be compatible with both these stove types.

One thing that definitely needs your attention is the no-rivet handle of the pan. It’s quite resistant to heat to keep your hands cool while you are using it. Plus, it’s ergonomically designed to be handled pretty easily and comfortably for a long time.

Highlighted Features

  • Very well conductive of heat for greater heat retention
  • PFOA, PTFE, LEAD, and CADMIUM free
  • Compatible with both gas and induction stove
  • Stay-cool heat-resisting handle
  • Easy to clean surface takes no time to wash

Let’s wrap it up with another Master Pan Skillet! The 5-compartment rectangular pan can be the right choice you make for your cooking solution right now. You have 4 different compartments to carry on regular cooking, while the grilled one can be used to grill your favorite meat!

Although the pan comes in a fairly large size, you don’t need to go for a double-burner stove. Interestingly, it works pretty well on a single burner, thanks to its advanced heat distribution technique. It takes no time to heat the entire surface up.

This heating is also backed by its superb 100% cast aluminum construction. Not only it helps in long-term durability, but also it allows faster heat-up. To be specific, it can burn in up to 350-degree F for more than 30 minutes at a stretch.

As for cleaning the pan, it’s easier than you think. It’s already quite resistant to corrosion and stain, so you don’t need to spend a lot of calories to clean it up. You can use the dishwasher to get the job done. And by the way, the non-sticky feature helps it a lot while cleaning up the food residues.

Highlighted Features

  • Made from 100% cast aluminum
  • Stain and corrosion-resistant construction
  • Ergonomic and stay-cool handle
  • Evenly distributes heat throughout the surface
  • Heats up to 350-degree F

What to Look For In the Best Divided Frying Pan - A Definitive Buying Guide

So, you are up for the best divided frying pan, right? Well, here are some tips you should definitely follow along the way!


As you need to keep the pan on the stove for hours, it better be strong enough to keep up with the sand of time. The strong construction is the only way to get there. Make sure that the pan is made from either die-cast or 100% cast aluminum. Or, you can also go for a hard-anodized one, as well.

Griddle and Grill Options

Most divided frying pans come with both griddle and grill options. If possible, try to make sure you get these two options in it. It will make it really easy for you to cook in both types at the same time.


Don’t let your health at risk. Look out for unhealthy chemical formation on the pan while you purchase. Ensure the pan is PFOA, PTFE, LEAD, and CADMIUM free.

Heat Endurance

The more heat the pan can absorb, the better result you will get while cooking. Usually, these pans can get hot up to 350-degrees, which is a well-balanced benchmark.

Ergonomic and Stay-Cool Handle

The handle is the only thing that you can use bare hand while cooking. It’s evident that the Handle should be heat-resistant, lest you can burn your hand. Plus, it should be ergonomically designed to fit your hands perfectly.

Final Words

Owning the best divided frying pan will definitely give you the leverage of superior convenience in cooking. You can cook multiple dishes at the same time for multiple meal times without wasting much time.


However, that all depends on the correct choice of the pan from thousands of options. We believe our reviews will easily point out the most promising choices for you. In case you don’t find any of the reviewed pieces suitable, you can always resort to our buying guide. It will definitely land you on the right page!

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